New idea for hardcore: Practice Mode

I have an idea for hardcore servers and lvl 60 raids.

What do you guys think of this?

Practice Mode for lvl 60 raids the 40 mans and 20 mans only. It would be a difficulty setting.

In practice mode on a hardcore server, if you die, you can resurrect. BUT in practice mode, youdon’t gain reputation experience and nobody receives any loot rewards from trash or bosses.

I think, at 60, there are some encounters where people will have no experience and it will be too easy for them to die on the encounter and lose their character.

Practice mode would make it possible for them to practice the encounters and get good at playing, so a guild can practice the raid to their hearts content and get good at it, then when they feel they’re ready, they can set it to normal mode, and of course if they die then then they’re dead, but they can then recieve loot again and reap their rewards.

What does everyone think of this idea?

EDIT: New ideas for Practice Mode.

Practice mode, could also be set for individual players in the raid. This would only be for the 40 man and 20 man raids in classic.

Say the guild knows the fights, but one guy is new, and he has no experience in molten core for example or blackwing lair.

He can set his difficulty to Practice Mode so he can learn the instance difficulty and get used to the encounters.

He Or She would not:

Recieve loot, recieve gold/siver/copper, reputation gains, etc. Just the personal experience of leraning the encounters. Of course, if you die in practice mode, you can resurrect.

Once the player feels confident, they can switch to manual mode like normal mode or whatever and play on the hardcore difficulty and if they die then they die, but the can Reap the REWards.

My reasoning for practice mode this this;

If a player is new to the raid, and they don’t know the fights, or an entire guild, do you really think, on a hrdcore server, they will just breeze through molten core or BWL without dying a single time? It will be impossible for them and they WILL wipe for sure. I think, practice mode, would make things fair for newer players. A VX

For me i think I would u se practice mode but at the same time I think I would be O.K.

Certainly some interesting ideas outlined here but perhaps regular servers are the practice mode?