New hunter pets: Dragons?

Yes please, have been asking for dragons as pets for a long time. I want a legendary quest chain that provides lore and the skill to befriend them :pleading_face:

That’s like the FF14 chocobo, which would be cool and all but that is not what hunters are asking for. It’s just not the same thing.

I don’t think a dragon who controls time and is responsible for maintaining the timeline needs someone to feed it and keep it happy.

Well sure, but warlocks aren’t buddies with their demons. They enslave them.

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Hope they had wyrms.

Hoping WoW introduces some holy dragons.

“Tome of Befriend Dragon” : This tome lets the hunter befriend drakes and dragons to adventure along side them in place of a pet.

We don’t have to split hairs here. Stick to the rule of cool.


It’s ok to be “that guy” because you’re right. There are like 59 different Hunter pet families and we really don’t need more. Matter of fact, I think Blizzard needs to combine and eliminate some families. Example:

Basilisk and crocs - Basilisk are useless. Combine them.
Carrion Birds, Cranes, Tallstriders and Birds of Prey - Carrion birds, Tallstriders and Cranes are useless. Combine them to just “Birds.”
Dragonhawks and Wind Serpents - Dragonhawks are pretty much useless. Combine the family into “Winged Serpents.”
Monkeys and Gorillas - Monkeys are useless. Combine them with Gorillas, add NPCs with the Grumpus, Icehowl and Starved Yeti to the family. Just call it “Primates.”
Hounds and Hyenas - Combine these too. Drawing a blank for a name.
Lizards and Warp Stalkers - Combine them to just “Lizards.”
Riverbeast and Mammoths - Combine them.

Remove the mechanical family. Make them like undead pets where a family might have a mechanical model.

Got off track but like I said, I do agree with you and there’s a great thread on this topic:

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Well we wouldn’t be taming aspects. We’d be taming the ones with the intelligence of a beast. Lesser drakes, whelplings, and the like. We can already tame cloud serpents, so it’s not that much of a stretch.

Taming Alexstrasza though? Yea, that’s not gonna happen.

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Firstly using Pandaria as the jumping point many hunter pet families have the capacity for sentience. Its a fantasy game some of the furniture, a few weapons and even a book or two are sentient.

Regardless though It wouldn’t be inconceivable that after gaining exalted rep with a type of dragon like Bronze or Azure you would be able to obtain a tome from that group that allowed you to make contracts of companionship (tame) with their kin. Retrospectively it would be kind of strange and a shameful waste if they didn’t at least attempt do this.

The Idea of subjugating them is fairly narrow minded. We have been friends with various flights of dragons for various reasons for a while. In legion you even get to command a flock of whelps in a mission in Azsuna. So, it is simply a matter of explaining why a dragon would agree to be the companion of a Hunter champion which given the world imperiling scenarios that drive an expansion shouldn’t be too difficult.

Have you been to Goldshire on your server? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Community: dragon pets, how outrageous! They are sentient!

Also community: summons their Emmigosa pets and gives them all sorts of commands that they follow in pet battles despite being a sentient dragonkin race

The outrage!


I wonder if anyone stashed their worgen pet in the stable until the patch when feeding pets was removed…

Yeah. With WM turned on.

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They already have a system in place that could get around the issue, just have to call it something slightly different. Soulbind, we do it with sentient beings in SL, so add something where hunters bond with a dragon when they “tame” it.

I really like the idea of Warlock stables. And they need Fetch, too. I usually play Hunters, and when I get on my Warlock to cause some chaos, it’s annoying to have to get my own loot.


I too would like to be able to get different demons on my warlock when I play him.

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I mean, when legion came out, I threw a fit when there wasn’t at least a glyph for Voidwalker/Fel Guard to become a Jailer Demon as well as Felhound to become Inquisitor Demon.

Hell, even an Imp Mother glyph for imp. Tosses them at the mob and they go boom, like how imps just toss fire balls, it just imps instead… just think about it for a bit Blizz. Not a big request, just simple glyphs.

Hunters can already tame wind serpents from MoP so a tome of befriending drakes/dragon isn’t far off.

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Wind Serpents are mostly beasts and I believe the only talking one we can tame is Nalak. I don’t think he should be tamable because he’s a demigod.

Warlocks need a spell like mend pet too. Health funnel is too clunky since you have to stop and channel it, which means you can’t keep up dps and keep your pet healed. I wish demonology was like a magic version of beast mastery, instead of just summoning lots and lots of demons. That feels too much like unholy, and death knights are dark and edgy like warlocks, so being similar to unholy is a bit too much of the same thing.