New here from benediction

I came from benediction with free transfer bc of the 2 hr que times but didnt realize this server is dead. Any chance more people will transfer over or am i screwed?

You are screwed


Yeah nobody from Benediction in their right mind would move here. Always make an informed decision.


Me and a couple of buds just moved here for the same reason from Grobbulus. It was either this or another server with queue times.


Not quite dead yet, but certainly dying. Most of the remaining major raiding guilds transferred off in the last few months, and I doubt they’re coming back when they can just wait out the login queues for a week or two on the mega servers.

This free transfer would’ve been great for OB a phase or two ago, but unless there’s some kind of extra incentive to repopulate here, this is going to barely be a bump in the road of the decline I’m afraid.

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My guild is getting ready to move over. If you have interest, hit up our application and we can talk.


I moved over from Grobb

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It’s not dead for sure, we have never stopped raiding or building tbh. Slower yes but nowhere near dead. With this transfer thing we just got so many new 70s that is is nuts.

how do you like it? I dont care about low pop, and im day 1 grobb here but this 1 hour queue is annoying.

I’ve yet to actually play yet since I did move, but when I played with a friend before back in beginning of TBC on OB it was alright.

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I’m 55 and can’t find anyone around my level to run dungeons. Been on OB for two days. 0 dungeon groups.

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I made level 1 characters on both OB and Sulfuras just doing /who 10-19, 20-29 all the way up to 70, OB was a bit low for most brackets, Sulfuras was better but not by much,

The downside to Sulfuras it is heavy populated on horde, cause I did the same thing on horde side, and once i got to the 60 to 70 bracket /who 60-61 = 50 and that is the most it will show. all levels 60-61 62-63 64-65, all the way up to to 70 was showing 50. So if you decide Sulfuras, Expect to be ganked often specially in starting zones when wrath does launch.

I am benediction and really considering moving. Im going to see what the /who results look like later this afternoon around 4-5pm, and ill decide then. Since my current results are as of 530am CST

I did the same with this toon. We’ll see how it goes.

My friends and I just transferred here from Benediction, liking it plenty so far, no queue times, and seems like a decent community. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

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Im considering it too, I am so unhappy with Blizzard right now.

If i xfer off of benediction for one of these 2 servers theyre offering, does anyone know if im able to xfer back to benediction from these servers at a later point?

Sorry, there are queues on Classic servers? WHILE LK is exploding? What’s the cause?

You should not expect a free transfer back but yes you should expect to be able to transfer back a few months after naxx launches. That’ll give the playerbase time to get bored and quit again.

A few RL friends transfered from Grob and liking it so far. Trade Chat a bit thin but seems like a good community. Excited to get more into it

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I’ve transferred from Grobb and I’m enjoying the community here wayyy more than the other servers I’ve tried out.