New Guild recruiting

I Am Lag (inside joke for one of our friends who is Bolivian), Mostly group of friends formed a casual guild to play and raid together. We are brand new so expect some growing pains if you join (anyone who has started or been in a new guild can confirm it goes through a lot of invite then leaving at times) Mostly adults so weekdays are full so we plan on raiding Tuesday and Wednesday 9-12am EST when we get to that point giving most people plenty of time in day with family and no stress of having to rush home from work to raid. Adult content…EXTREME adult content so if ya can’t handle it don’t bother plz. Right now just forming a team and working together don’t expect RWF performances cuz you won’t get them. More just want to progress at our pace, enjoy the content and make some new friends. All i ask if you do join us and want to raid please be consistent, if i am asking X amount of people to show up consistently then you can at least be courteous enough to do the same for them i understand life gets in the way sometimes but not every week. Anyway thanks for your time have fun, good luck in SL and have a safe 2021.

slowly growing, have so far still looking for more right now no clothies in the guild looks to have 2 healers 1 paladin 1 druid. Tank situation might be good with me and one other testing the water.