New Guild Recruiting

The Lazy Gamers -Aggrammar / Fizzcrank is recruiting and returning to WoW under newer leadership. It actually is a older group who raided together back in MoP returning to lead. We once was a semi hardcore group i guess you could say we was #2 in our old server progression (small server admittedly) but those days are FAR behind us now. We are all adults in age at least, maturity wise at least mostly adults. We miss playing together, miss the banter, the fun nights, the joy of progressing as a team. We are looking for like minded people who want to be part of the group. As we are older and have more going on in our lives atm we will only be a 1 night a week raid team in 8.2 only shooting for 4 1/2 hour raids(basically a 10min break every hour of raiding with 4 hours of trying to clear content) Saturdays with optional to push xtra 30mins to hour if we feel we are close to killing a boss exact timea have not been worked our but expect night.

You dont have to be ready right at this moment for 8.2 to join, some of us are rerolling characters and leveling (like my slow panda here but we are shooting for Aug 3rd to be ready). We are just looking for people who want to have fun raid, chill out some nights maybe drink a beer and die in mythic + while having smiles and laughs.

About us, we have played together since MoP across many games (R6 seige, Wildlands, Overwatch, Warhammer, ESO, SWTOR and so on) so we are close like family in a sense. I mean truly like family, we make fun of each other, call each other names, make remarks about classic old mistakes pick on one another, make inappropriate coments and so on. So in me saying this understand WE ARE NOT PC, if you get easily offended, triggered or mad probably not the guild for you because we probably would purposely go out of our way to do it.

If this feels like a place you would like to try then send me a shout and ill get you in my bnet us KrisLuciMcg#1584 (i thinkā€¦lol im doing this on my phone at work) best times will be Friday or Saturday to catch me you have any questions. Hope to see yea ya in the future

I know we are not on Stormreaver and my server is no where near a populated or Horde Dominant. I just am posting here as a option because it has such a healthy population. If you have not found a home, or a group that you enjoy or have connected with maybe we are right for you. Anyways have a good one and take care