New guild led by CE Raiders LF DPS/Heals, Alliance

The release of classic and BFA burnout has led to the collapse of many guilds, leaving many of us questioning our very existence. (The last part is a joke, no intervention required)

<Losers Club>

We are a new guild on US-Stormrage with high goals. In The Eternal Palace, we are aiming for Cutting Edge. Our goal is to continue improving and getting CE earlier each tier. Those are high aspirations for a new guild, but we believe we can get there relatively quickly.

The leadership of the guild is 5/8M in TEP or better today, have multiple Cutting Edge achievements and have been playing together some of us back as far as The Burning Crusade expansion. Our guild is comprised of strong players with time-tested friendships. Throughout that time we have led guilds, been officers in guilds, and have been raiders. When The Great Quitting happened, we decided that we would rather pool our resources and learn from our experiences to create a top tier guild capable of earning ‘Famed’ than try to search for a fit for a group that wants to continue raiding together.

We plan to be 5/8M soon after the start of our mythic TEP raiding and then soon pushing Queen’s Court progression. We still believe Cutting Edge for TEP is within reach. Once we push QC, we will likely start extending raids so that we can get enough attempts on the last 2 bosses to complete the tier.

Our roster will consist of roughly 24 raiders. That means you should expect to sit on some fights. It is part of keeping a healthy roster. However, we will make every effort to ensure you never sit 2 progression fights in a row (unless you play arcane mage, then we have to question your life choices). We don’t recruit intentionally to have people on the bench. If you aren’t performing at the level that you need to be, we’ll politely let you know rather than let you get frustrated waiting, and we’ll help you figure out how to improve if you would like.

Once established, the guild will supply raid materials and repairs on raid days at a minimum. We will also organize heroic and possibly early mythic sell runs to help fund the guild bank. We have guild Raidbots skip-the-line, and encourage people to use it to keep getting better.

Roster needs
We need most dps classes and a couple healers. Relative priority shown below…

Melee DPS:
Demon Hunter: High
Fury Warrior: High
Ret Paladin: High
Death Knight (either spec): Medium
All other melee: Low

Ranged DPS:
Shadow Priest: High
Warlock: High
Balance: High
Fire Mage: High
Elemental Shaman: Medium
Hunter (MM/BM): Medium
All other: Low

Holy Paladin: High
Priest (Disc or Holy): High
Resto Druid: Medium
Mistweaver Monk: Medium
Resto Shaman: Low

Raid times
We are aiming for the following raid times:

Weds: 8:30-11:30pm EST
Thurs: 8:30-11:30pm EST
Monday: 8:30-11:30pm EST

Most nights we will try to end by 11:15pm EST with a hard stop at 11:30pm. These are relatively short raid nights, so we’d like to be efficient with our nights, starting invites 15 mins prior to raid start, and pulling first boss promptly at start time. We’ll have a 5 min break about half-way through so our bladders don’t explode. Once a tier is on farm, we will drop Monday nights from our raid schedule.

Please give us a shout. You’ll find we know what we are doing and are pretty relaxed when we can be and serious enough when we need to be. We enjoy making new friends with equally skilled people in this game. Let’s talk! Please hit us up in various methods below…

Feignedheph: (BNet) Large#1363, (Discord) Heph#0356
Beef: (BNet) Beefbuffer#1798, (Discord) Beef#0369
Mahu: (BNet) Prancing#11655, (Discord) Prancing#3502

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