New Guild, Ante Mortem Recruitment!

Hello all,
Ante Mortem is a new guild formed this year Medivh, Exodar(Alliance). We are currently recruiting to start raiding. We do it all from Mythic Keys and PvP. We are looking for pretty much everything. Our Roster is pretty small atm. But we are a well fit group. We understand that the game comes second to life situations. Raid times are Tues-Thus 8:30-10:30 server time. We push keys for everyone to complete at least one high key for your required ilvl. World PVP for fun and BGS in downtime.
Need Heals and Dps. Have guild website and discord. All information will be provided via PM. Please come with an open mind and understand that everyone’s views will be different. Thank you, have a good day!
Quless GM