New group of friends looking for more! (A)

As the title reads, a small group of friends and I have just recently started on this realm (Last night). We are only lvl 11. We currently have a Priest, Rogue, Warrior (who has never tanked). We are looking to level together and have fun. We will be focusing on PvP and Dungeon grinding. We all enjoy RPing and just having casual fun. Looking for some other like minded people who want to join us leveling. Another tank would be great (Bear/Pally/whatever) and heals but will accept anyone who wants to join us. Maybe make a guild eventually. We have a discord we all talk in every night when we play. If you’re interested or just want some people to play with, feel free to send me a whisper in-game (Sneakurs or Raequin) Hope to hear from you! Thanks!

Hey i just recently rerolled on this server as well. Alliance, right? I have a gnome mage and it would be nice to have some consistent people to play with. I’m currently level 22 I think.

I do have a main horde character so I play a little bit here and there on the mage. But having people to play/dungeon with will probably be more motivating than solo questing.

My in game name is Lemilly. Feel free to add me and I’ll add you as soon as I get back on.

How about 52 druid? Just looking for a group of people to play with…Pretty much been leveling solo for 52 levels…

That would be great! Whats your name in game?

This guy…Wyrmpaw