New Group loot Raid System Sucks

Raids group loot system sucks!~
Why o why do I need to see all this loot pop ups and single handedly having to Greed/Need on the stuff… Most of the stuff that drops my class can’t even use…Its a waste of time to hit greed and greed on nonsense that I cannot even use… its dumb!

“For instance … I wear mail… Why the heck will I want to see plate/cloth/leather armor in the group loot… Guess what you still have to click greed else have a item displayed in the center of the screen!”

Just bring back personal loot so people can trade gear they do not want. Or just show us the stuff that my class can use/equip!

Group loot feels redundant~

In the past it felt more interactive to simply message the raid and say… Hey I got a item do anyone want it if so Roll and trade to the highest roller.

You can DE it if you’re an enchanter.