New Fresh Start Realm Now Available -- Angerforge

The west coast where the rest of the beautiful people are

At least since it’s PVP it’ll last longer than Maladath PVE Fresh.

Do you mean with xp boost?

Why didn’t you make it EAST COAST. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?


This is pretty cool but it probably should’ve been East Coast.


If so, we’ll always have this as a memento of the foresight through which such events lead to such an outcome:


Pretty sure most people are not 70 and fully geared.

You should allow xfers off of Skyfury, How is a fresh server going to help?

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With AV weekend having just happened, a lot of people are fully geared. Not as many have at least 2 seventies, both with dual spec, and at least 1 with epic flying, but it’s not as uncommon as you might think.

People coming back for Wrath Classic and wanting a fresh experience will now have a place to roll. Anyone who is currently on Skyfury that is overcome with frustration by the queue times now has an alternative fresh start PVP realm to roll on.

Don’t get me wrong, I am disappointed with the decision to open a second fresh-start PVP server, but I trust it’s a well considered balance between people genuinely feeling frustrated and wanting to quit, and Blizzard attempting to keep server populations as healthy as possible given their tooling, time-constraints, etc.

Yes, with AV weekend just behind us MANY of us have leveled through it specifically and geared up with EZ honor gear. There’s no way I’m moving to a new server so soon. Skyfury will continue to thrive queue and all.

Skyfury best server :heart:

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We all know your evil plan is to allow free xfers off Skyfury 1 day before WOTLK releases. This will result in completely imbalanced faction on Skyfury and a drastically screwed up Angerforge server.

If Skyfury Xfers do open up, it must be only the higher populated faction allowing to transfer off and has to be a VERY small window of time.

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I wouldnt even try to get on a new server without having LFG/RDF to be able to run dung in the future with the risk of a server to die. So I would recommend staying on the more pop server cause thats the one that has the best odds to keep the players.


They already did that on Skyfury… they aren’t going to leave their progress behind. 99.9% of us have lives and jobs.

If only we would have a website that shows all the realm data. Well, you’re in luck and what do you know, most people are not 70.

If only we had cross realm so we can play with other people even if it was random would be fun.


Sweaty will sweat

Pretty sure this will create 2 servers with severe faction imbalance, get rid of the streamers and their mongoloid followers that always seem to cause huge faction problems for whatever realm they are on.

Open transfers from skyfury to angerforge so we can get on with the game. You will do it anyway, nobody that has 70s on skyfury already is going to leave to start over again.


Sure. 3 of my 4 characters that I regularly log into on Skyfury are not 70. What does that mean though? Anyway, I didn’t say most in my comment, I said a lot. I understand there is a difference :smiley:

Well, personally I agree. And like I said above, I’m disappointed with the decision to add a new fresh PVP server, but it is what it is :woman_shrugging: