"New" Fresh Realm Maladath does not have a realm forum

I don’t have much to add past the title. Other fresh realms like Skyfury, Angerforge and Eranikus have realm forums so it seems like a bug / oversight not to have one for Maladath.


Would really like a forum for our server, please and thank you!!

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Sky daddy Blizz please bless us with a realm forum


These nerds need help. Hear their pleas Blizzard! The dadcore server needs it


Hey Blizzard! We seem to have been passed over for awhile for a server forum it would be great if we have a place to say our peace! Thanks! =^.^=


Please help us blizzard!


Yes please!


Other fresh start servers have a forums, it feels like you have forgotten about us. Please say it isn’t so Blizzard!


This would be lovely! I hope we get our own server forum!

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Posting to get more eyes on this to hopefully help our realm out.

We truly need our own realm

would love to get more attention on this as we get closer to phase 2

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There is no good reason to not have one for Maladath. If anything this just looks unprofessional on your end Blizzard.

So we still don’t have a forum?

Cool cool cool cool

I guess blizz is expecting to roll this server into another :confused:

typical blizzard giving zero ^%##'s about anything other than their bottom line.

Absolute incompetence not having a forum made for Maladath.

Would like to keep this up for visibility, I’ll take a forum ban or mute if it means Maladath gets a realm forum lol.

Keeping up for visibility as well. We’re the kid blizzard didn’t want and forgot about.

Yeah we ain’t gettin a forum… lol sinkin ship

any day now the morons at blizzard will read all of these threads and give maladath a server forum.