New forums, same brown background

Yeah my first post was on the last character I was on in game. Didn’t realize it until after I posted though… lol

That’s awesome! Also, look what I can do!

I can post without a subscription! Was that intentional?

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Sad to see no Blue CM avatars, but it is nice to see that we can like Blue posts now.

/moo :cow:


Can’t seem to find a link to see all of my posts, though I wonder if that’s because i haven’t posted on the new forums yet. Also, on mobile at least I can’t get the reply button at the bottom of the page to work, had to click the reply button on an actual post in order to get the text box to come up. Also, touch location is WAY off on the forums, not a device issue because its spot on when using the keyboard and other websites.

Edit: touch and reply work a LOT better in Desktop Site mode, infact that’s the only way I could get my post to actually go through.

Edit 2: found a way to see my posts by tapping on my character’s avatar on this post.

That was the best thing I will see all day.

I’m glad they kept most of the original color scheme, otherwise I think I would have had a really long “get used to it” period. This feels like the same thing but better.

Over in this thread: You don’t need a sub to post now!

I will have my mohawk back soon™!


The view count is back, at least!

Yeah but they use your characters achievement points not your accounts! My big numbers are gone!

Me too! I was hoping for grey, I’m a bit over dirty brown but sadly our tastes do not match the forum designers. sighs:disappointed_relieved:

I’m quite fond of the brown background.

That is a /rimshot right there.

It seems like my main server forum(Malfurion and Trollbane) are not showing up under my “Your Realms” section of the forum category list. It’s only showing the other servers I play on.

Yeah, sorta tired of the color scheme at this point. Its been like this for how long? Was really hoping with the birth of new forums we could get something new and different. The current one is just bland and old and boring at this point.

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They should at least give the Classic forums the classic grey background.

Idk why but this gave me a serious chuckle and yet I agree with you fully on this

Defecation in, defecation out …

Well said haha

Like maybe perhaps the color of the expansion, emerald green and gold or sea green and navy blue.
Naaah, to fn easy. >_>

Is that what these new forums are?