New Forum Guidelines - Level 3 Trust

Uhm, Mirasol, I routinely posted external links on the old forums. Check some of my old posts. This restriction on these forums is new.


You could post links but they were not clickable. You can still post links now by using the pre-formatting tags. </> symbol above the post. You can also just put “`” at each end of the link which does the same thing. Players can then copy and paste the link like they did on the old forums. The only thing different about TL3 is that the links are clickable, even if not to a trusted site like internal Blizz sites.

What is the reason Blizzard is using for not making trust level 3 account wide? Does anyone know?


:slight_smile: The best way to know you’re safe is that the </> button (which is in the tool bar above the reply text field) does the same thing as manually putting ` around your links.

So since it’s available as a feature in the UI, you know you’re safe!


We were advised to direct posters to the Website Bug Report forum for that. So it sounds like it’s something they are interested in.

Ah, thanks for the explanation. I am confused, however I could always click on my external links… are you saying others couldn’t? [headscratch]

I think you’re actually Really confused. Nobody could create clickable links to external websites - only to internal Blizzard website locations (eg. a thread on another forum here).

You could “click” on anything but it didn’t go anywhere. You had to triple-click the link, then right click to open in another tab or whatever you used to see it.

[New Forum Guidelines - Level 3 Trust]

But you can’t type in the URL of another site here (says, “Sorry you insert a link in this post” or something. Until you’re higher level.

I have just revisited one of my former posts with a link to an article about Activision’s patented mtx technology. I was able to click my link and go right to the site.

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Link that post. Your Activity is hidden so I can’t go see myself.

If you type the external link here, you get an error.

Yes, I know, this is what puzzles me. You can post external YouTube links or links to other graphics, but not other external links. Seems absurd.

Can you link to the post?

Sure. Gimme a few… it’s buried deep in “XP from Dungeons” so I have to dig it up again. Btw, I see what you mean about posts by others not being clickable (you had to highlight and open in new window). But… at least you could post the link itself, unlike here.

You don’t have to actually read 20k posts, you only need to display 20k posts. Blizz has no way of knowing if you actually read a post that is displayed on your monitor. That’s why the number is so high. Click on a thread with 500 replies and scroll to the bottom and bam, there’s 500 posts “read”.


If you want to quote the whole post, you just hit reply. Once yours is posted, the Reply to thing will show the entire post. I just want it shown while I’m typing a reply cuz I forget all what I read so I have to do a lot of “Oh one more thing” edits like detective columbo.

? Run that by me again, Vixie?

I assume it will be impossible for me to get trust 3 considering I have been perma banned 6 times in the past. What a long and fruitful forum career. Guess I will have to settle for 2.

Also where does it show your current trust level anyway?

The current way is not very user friendly. Click on your View Activity page and replace “/activity” with “.json”. So yours would look like:

Then look for “trust_level”. The highest number is your level. If your trust level is 1, you’ll see both “trust_level_0” and “trust_level_1”

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Ah thanks a lot for that, I am pretty interested in the new forums system. hopefully they make it easier to check alter on.

In searching the thread, I found an earlier post of mine with a reddit link:

I can click on my own link, but I cannot “click” on others’ links… I have to highlight and open in new tab. But at least I could post the link :slight_smile:

PS Just in case the above link takes you to the beginning of the thread, the page I’m referencing is 169. (Won’t be able to do that in these new forums :frowning: )

And I still don’t understand why you can post YouTubes, (external links) but not a hyperlink!!!

Uhh. If you highlight and click the "Quote thing, this is what you get. You can see everything by hitting the down arrow in the quoted part (after you post)

If you hit the Reply icon the far right, you get a blank reply window.

Once you post, the Reply icon with the poster’s picture (top right in your post) will show the entire post you replied to. It’s just not there while you’re composing your reply so you have to adjust your window to see that post on your screen. It’s minor but tough for an old forum dog’s new trick learning.

ps. that link you’re referring to is on the Blizzard forums somewhere. That’s why you can post it as a hyperlink. Others are going outside probably.