New expansion no content

Nice dude release a game, we goit multi characters leveled in 2 days m0 done in 3hours…0 content avail for 2full weeks… the hell are you guys doing…the people that keep your game running are not the guys who sit their and run quests/its the m+ raid… good job release a expansion with litearlly 0 content your streamers are making youtube guides already well done 11 characters thru m0… yet another 2 weeks till we get ACTUAL content… LIke give your guys head a shake at blizzard… release a game and everyones done playing… my friends are on runescape.apex legends… waiting for reset already… like why not release NORMAL RAID First week so IT ACTUALLY GETS RAN/Content to do/pug noobs wont come into heroic ruining your day… like drop content weekly this is horrendus