New Druid - want to start in Ardenweld buy have been sent to Bastion

I rolled a Highmountain Tauren Druid and chose Shadowlands. I want to choose Night Fae as my Covenant but I didn’t get the quest that asks what covenant you want to choose. If I go to Bastion does that mean that I’m choosing Kyrian? Is that the default now?

Threads of Fate, which is what you would choose to join a Covanent immediately, is no longer available for new characters you want to put through Chromie Time.

If you want to get your new character a Covenant for whatever reason, like to collect mogs, you will have to go through the whole campaign, starting in Bastion and going all the way around to Revendreth before you can join a Covenant.

The Threads of Fate option for leveling in Shadowlands will no longer be available as an option for characters who wish to level in Shadowlands using Chromie Time’s “The Realms of Death” 10-60.

Any characters who have already chosen Threads of Fate prior to November 15th’s prepatch release will be able to finish in Threads of Fate. However, characters who did not choose this option prior to Phase 2 will not have the option to select it. They will be restricted only to the zone-by-zone Covenant campaign for Shadowlands when entering Shadowlands for leveling through “The Realms of Death”.

If you have already chosen Threads of Fate, do not choose Chromie Time’s Shadowlands - Realms of Death. Stay in the present timeline. If you do switch to Realms of Death while Threads of Fate is active, you will retain most of the features of Threads of Fate, but you will lose access to World Quests until Level 60!

Evokers, rejoice! A level 60 character entering Oribos through the portal for the first time (without having been through Shadowlands before this) will be offered the quest Re-Introductions directly by Fatescribe Roh-Tahl and told to speak with Tal’Inara. She will then offer the follow-up quest Choosing Your Purpose, so the 60 can pick up their Covenant right away. Great news for Evokers!

We’re supposed to be free to play old expansions, so I don’t understand why they took this away. I did want the Druid forms from Night Fae. I don’t know why they care if we don’t want Kyrian. So I guess i’m screwed. Thanks for the answer but Blizz can go pee on a rope.

The reason they removed it was because of chromie time as well as the fact it was an end game option for leveling Alts in that expansion. It’s kind of silly to try and level a toon that isn’t level 50 or whatever level it was to start threads of fate at the time with a level ten toon. That’s likely the other reason why as well.

This seems to be a problem systemic with new expansions. It might just be my perspective but it appears to me that nothing is consistent from one expansion to the next. Other than just wandering around aimlessly beating stuff up. (To each their own!) I’ve recently started the dragon isle campaign with an alt and not only is this emerald dream stuff getting in the way, but the hunts, world quests, time rifts and what else. They get in the way and everything is so over powered (or so it seems) I just have to wait till whatever it is that’s over. I feel I might be ranting now but the long and short of it is the closer we get to the next patch/expac the less incentive I have to do anything. Unless you’re a collector and the only thing I collect is gold from junk I keep picking up.