New DK runeforges datamined

Possible these are new runeforges or something related to Torghast!

Oh I really, really hope that those are for DKs and not related to the legendaries. It’s be lovely to see new runeforges. Hysteria and Apocalypse both look really fun.

Man, they are spoiling dks at this point if these are all simply new runeforging options



Sacrificial pact that heals you for 25% of maximum health, Death Pact, cool runeforges, lichborne self healing back on top of leech as baseline, a more necromantic pet focus, and the dk-esque armor from the Maw raid and multiple sets from covenants that look awesome on DKs.

Forgetting some stuff probably but it looks good.

Also 2H frost back and just buffs across the board by the looks of things. Going to be fun to play regardless.


All of these look great, and are far more interactive than Fallen Crusader and Razorice. Great change.

I’m hoping we can have a runeforge and an enchant on a weapon otherwise these will just end up being flavorful and possibly weaker than standard enchants.

Thanks Captain Buzzkill! Glad others don’t lack imagination and creativity like you. Sure some if them seem to have specific purpose but it’s fun changing things up to tackle different problems. Much more so than the set it and forget it that it is now.

Which is why i said I hope we can have both. I want to use the cool stuff. Fallen crusader is pretty boring. Its stronger than standard enchants but it’s all we use pretty much.

Don’t you think it’d be a little op to have both a powerful regular enchant as well as a situational runeforge? It takes away from the experience of using them to problem solve if you always have something else backing you up. Plus imagine the crapstorm of people complaining that dk’s get 2 weapon enchants.

No not really any more op than having superior enchants.

[Rune of Hysteria] Passive: Increases maximum Runic Power by 200.
Your attacks have a chance to increase Runic Power generation by 200% for until cancelled.

This is very clearly OP, is it not?

Yeah but they will bring it down to 10% as usual

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If they remove Fallen Crusader for this crap I’ll be playing a new class.

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I wouldn’t know what the percentage difference is between our runeforges and the weapon enchants, but if you add weapon enchants on top of what we have that percentage will be MUCH larger.

I very much doubt we will be losing Fallen Crusader. They are mainly adding things back in rather than taking them out.

No, if anything it would be a dps loss for any spec other than Blood or BoS Frost. Not even the best Blood option so I’d say it would only be good for BOS and even then not OP unless you could sit and tunnel on something for a solid minute.

Keep in mind we’re talking about 2 specs that are barely middle of the pack; we’d have a long way to go before being anywhere near ‘op’.

Not particularly, it’s an increase to resource capacity with a chance for bonus resource gain. Razorice flat out makes all your frost damage increase by 15% and Fallen Crusader is a solid % buff to strength.

If anything this is a rune that sacrifices a damage buff to make Breath of Sindragosa easier to work with.

I can see uses for some. 10% haste from kills for leveling would just make leveling smoother once you take the secondary stat hit from just leveling up.

Its looking better than some of the old rune forges like Lichbane which didnt really add anything, even fighting against the undead.

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I’m inclined to think that these are actually new Runeforges, as calling them Runes for Torghast assets is easily avoidable confusion, and the fact that there are doubles of a few of them to me likely indicates one-handed and two-handed variants. That said, they could be placeholder names, or just similarly named things that are ultimately unrelated. I certainly hope they are Runeforges, though, as we have desperately needed a revamp to this class mechanic for a long time, and these provide some more interesting choices than Fallen Crusader’s passive dominance.

Rune of Sanguination could be extremely powerful in PvP.

I’ve been wanting more runeforges since wrath, lol. Hopefully this is a good sign.

I believe new Runeforges are long overdue. We’ve lost so much since wrath that it’s about time rune weapons make a comeback.