New disc Priest kinda sucks to play

ummm… we literally lost like 50% of the buttons we used to press. This is actually a huge blow to enjoying this spec, it might be strong, i dont know, but it is definitely not fun and has a TON of dead talents… we put things on CD and then we just Turret Smite now? :thumbs down:


I wanted to delete and remake this on my priest but i dont know how, sorry


I felt some discomfort with the new playstyle too but I don’t think it’s noticeably worse. At a high-level, it felt to push the spec back toward Healer First… which it is.

That said, I got so fed up of using Radiance as part of the Penance rotation, I just went back to Shadow for soloing. It was like that in ZM so its not too terrible but inconvenient enough to just swap (which I also did during ZM).

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I’m gonna be trying disc for the first time because they got rid of the button bloat


ok i ran a quick M+. Its absolutely terrible to play, so boring. I dont know how this made it through PTR. Destroyed the spec.


Couldn’t agree more. Just did the campaign as disc too. It’s literally almost unplayable.
You fall into these weird windows where the 4 buttons you have left are all on CD and you’re just smiting your heart away.

Then mindbender comes back and you can burst down a couple normal world mobs. And then you’re back to this awkward clunky weak smite spammer.

I literally don’t know how they let this leave PTR.


I’m honestly flabbergasted that anyone thinks the spec plays clunkier now.

More clunky than Shadow Covenant was? In its best patches that spell sucked to align everything around. Ramping into Schism->Scov never felt good. We cast more Smite, but Smite is a decent chunk more powerful, and penance actually feels pretty chunky.

And the skill floor’s only been lowered in that we got a powerful CD. There wasn’t much lost here.

The only real issue IMO is Twilight Equilibrium and Expiation are dead in the water. But playstyle-wise? The spec is playing much better than the talents we were taking before.


yeah it just feels clunkier and slower. like why change harsh disc. if they were gonna make me spam smite anyway? the mind blast changes along with that just makes it feel like im playing a less fun, kind of dumbed down version of my class even if the numbers are the same


Yeah overall agree

I think consolidating shadow cov/schism and all that was a great idea, and ultimate penitence is cool

but the fact harsh discipline is procced by pw: radiance now instead of a couple of smites/mind blasts feels terrible


Gotta agree. Solo play just feels awful now. I think it could be viable if we could still talent into two charges of Mind Blast but currently as someone said you just have these smite spam lulls after your opener with nothing to do other than button smash smite.

After all the hype about not having things go stale with every expansion, this smite dependence REALLY feels like it will be stale with the release of a new tier set.


Disc’s dps rotation is basically on the same level of difficulty as Holy now.


Disc dps rotation is about as bad as holy AND we don’t have healing buttons to press in between to break it up.


Definitely agree. New disc feels sluggish, especially in solo play. The new harsh discipline proccing off of radiance is terribly awkward. Out questing in the real world solo, and want more damage from penance? You’ll have to cast radiance to do extra damage. It plays weird.


Which is a shame as that is where the flavor was. The idea that our damage does “splash healing” was one of the more unique in the game.

Yea there was button bloat, but heck my other character is Aff Lock so I like to have choices. Schism as part of Mind Blast works, but only if you have 2 charges. The way things one of our main top tier thinking talents has been negated because there is no way to alternate, shadow and holy.

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The big thing I miss is the weaving of Mind Blast and Smite. Not having to work in Schism I think is a nice “set it and forget it” QoL improvement as well as Shadow Covenant tied to your Bender.

Harsh Discipline being a raid / M+ talent… ok I get it. But I would almost like it to be a choice node with Twilight Equilibrium that also gives you 2 charges of Mind Blast.

If you really want to start moving toward The War Within and Outdoor content and Delves - Give us that choice.


would agree, the smite spam is boring AF


I mean the spec is about bender windows and resetting it now. Our tier set also plays heavily into that. We get to double our Smite damage as well as Penance/bender CDR in bender windows, and you’re casting SW:D nearly off CD so the spec plays a lot faster. It was to the point of taking Halo rather than Dstar because I’d rather fit more Smites in.

The spec undeniably plays a lot smoother in all aspects, though. I wish people would stop using the word clunky to describe this. What’s really being said here is that you don’t like Smite, and think penance feels slow (because it was a constant 8 bolts before). Last patch to get the equivalent of just firing off a mind blast and bender now, you had to cast Schism->bender->Scov or Scov->Bender->Schism, which meant sitting through 2 GCD windows with 2 spells that did nearly nothing on their own before you started your rotation. THAT was clunky.

It’s the same thing I hated back in the BfA->Shadowlands days where Castigation never got taken and penance was 3 bolts. It always felt way too slow to me then. 4 bolts is my sweet spot for it though.


I ran some keys on Disc and it’s honestly pretty busted right now. The constant Mind Benders every 30-40s is giving me infinite mana. I literally got 250k mana from Mind Bender and another 250k from Throes of Pain in a +23 FH.

I’m sitting above 90% mana basically all the time on Disc, even on bosses. When I tried keys on Holy I’m struggling to keep my mana levels up on the Tyrannical bosses and I’m ooming now.

DPS rotation feels a lot smoother because it gives me more opportunities to squeeze in spot heals. Flash Heal feels like it moves bars in a pinch because my avg heal is almost 100k a cast.

With all the nerfs I’m doing less dps than I can do on Holy, but that’s okay because I’d rather have infinite mana.


Yeah SoL actually feels worth using now which is nice. Previously it was just a way to activate protective light/get 2 atonements out at once. Now I can handle afflicted with it alone pretty much, which is neat.

I haven’t done anything hard yet, but I might round out my 20s before the week’s over. Things feel really easy right now and mana is 0 struggle (currently my shaman’s ooming insanely fast). I pretty much quit last season in the first couple weeks.

They’re definitely going to have to nerf the Mind Bender mana return imho because you can use it 5-6 times on bosses once we have our new four piece.

Mana management feels awful on holy now post Rashoks nerf because you have no easy way to spread SWP around like Disc does so you’re not getting the constant 4-5 Throes of Pain coming back every single trash pull. I’m literally ooming on 3.5-4 minute Tyrannical bosse before when I had no issues.

Just comparing the two side-by-side: Disc craps all over Holy in every department except for dps now.