New Customization Options for Blood Elves and Void Elves

this topic is very bizarre, it has had everything from rage, acceptance, hope for more things, trolling, and off topic talk


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didya see the string of datamined naga druid forms?

I did not.

But I’m intrigued.

Lancelot leans forward.

Go on.

help me get botanist druids for belfs.

no sorry, i hate idea

and void elf paladin the same

nop options for me

We have Linxy in our corner. :wink:


You could start with that helmet.

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One was to wonder how they would mount.

Would they grow legs? I mean, Dora in Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder does that. But it’s weird.

Needs more off topic, some of us can actually get along decently when we aren’t bickering about pixels


Explain yourself right now.

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you wouldnt want phoenix flight form. you’re a baaaad blood elf. go stand in the corner

/points at self

crazy old lady

But red ones go faster.

They could claim a group of them from the throne of kj noped off and went into hiding in Outland and have just come home to roost. Blah blah monsters are people too.

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I’m indifferent in Felblood idk much about them at all but I’m inclined to be supportive. Dark Ranger and San’layn hmmmm my position on that is a huge yes please.

I swear to god…

And then we would stab them in the face since blood elves are horrified at those who would do such a thing since they follow the legion and such?

they have like tauren plainstrider type running…errr slithering. and for flight, they’d revert to a highborne while on flying mount. perhaps.

Or they could just sit side saddle and curl up their tails.

oh thats true. i could see that