New CTF Map? (suggestion)

So right, this is gonna be your best BG.

Make the map’s objective “First to five” -but- not in the same manner it is now, where you grab the flag, run it to your base and cap if your flag is there. Instead, make some bowl or shrine or where <thematic mcguffin that functions as flag,> I.e Munitions, Minerals, gold, W/e fits the bg, maybe golem parts? sits.

each team starts with 1 Flag, and after a minute, another flag spawns in the center of the battleground. only 1 center flag can be spawned at a time. only 1 stolen flag can be carried at a time (per faction, so i.e the horde could have their flag currently stolen by the alliance, while the alliance also has the center flag. and horde can be holding a stolen alliance flag, putting three flags in motion.

This changes the ctf dynamic to have 3 major battle locations.
Defending your base.
stealing the enemy factions flag,
Holding Center spawn.

When a flag is dropped it’s either returned to home instantly if it’s your factions stolen flag.
or it’s picked up freely and carried towards your base if it’s the opposite factions
Make the flags weighted (reduces movement speed and limit dash/movement abilities)

This also forces the fight to shift from spawn to the middle flag carrier.

as for map lay out, put the center spawning flagon an elevated platform over a non-fatal pit, (getting knocked off is position punishing not spawn punishing) From the center flag put a back cave of some sort that leads to the opposite factions base (think like An S shape on the map that cuts through center platform. )

Each base has a front gate to north and south of center spawn, ramps from the pit lead up to the base (put a speed power up in the center of the pit, berzerking and health near graveyards, which are on the diagnal vertices of the map elevated in the pit but under the center platform (Makes the pit a huge brawling spot.)

This design will allow matches to change hands quickly. ( i.e horde has 4 flags and needs the center, alliance has two flags alliance steals 1 flag and gets center suddenly the score is 3 horde, 4 alliance, and horde has to either still and get center to win, or alliance has the opportunity to get either center or a stolen flag.) Which will hopefully end the concept people afking out as one playcan turn the game so swiftly.

Consider it? thoughts? ideas?

as for a theme suggestion make it flesh golem building you’re trying to get 5 meat sacks or bones to put it in line with shadowlands.

user created maps

user created game modes

My favorite version of CTF was actually the tiki mask game in Wildstar. That was super fun. Level verticality…multiple flags…random flag spawn locations…multiple flags in play at once.

It was super chaotic but hella fun.

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