New Connected Servers Announcement!

Hello all my fellow medium pop server retainees!
We have persisted here since the last server merge I think all of us know at least one person who has left our haven for a more populated realm. I know that I am very excited with the announcement from Blizzard that over the next 2-3 months they will be doing a 2nd (long awaited in my opinion) set of sever connections.

This means new people will be coming to our community! Or we could be going towards theirs but in the end we will all be together and that’s what is important. I know I’m looking forward to seeing new faces in the world, more items on the AH (more people buying mine >:D), and new names in chats.

I am curious if my fellow members of Terenas / Hydraxis feel the same, or do you enjoy knowing all the guilds on server and people’s names?

The second main question I have for everyone is who do you think we will be merged with? The main question I have at the moment is if they will only connect realms from the same timezone. One member of my guild swears that Hydraxis had a different realm time in the past, and I was wondering if others remember this or not? (I am a Terenas born and raised player).

With a little bit of research I have a rough list of servers I expect us to be merged with, but I am curious if other people will expect the same or think it will be based of a Blizz intern throwing darts at a wall of server names.

Here are my expectations and likely servers:

  1. The server has to be mountain time as well.
  2. The server will not be an RP realm. I think that they may ignore the “PVP” realm tag as it no longer exists with the War Mode changes. That being said I don’t think that they will throw the RP community into PVE servers yet. They may connect RP servers though, which would break expectation 1.
  3. Battlegroups will no longer be a thing, as they are no longer used. Currently looking at the server listing on wow-gamepedia they have servers listed by battlegroup. I know that these are no longer being used for anything so I expect their grouping to be broken.

My expectations for new connected realms for us!

  1. Azjol-Nerub and Khaz Modan
  2. Cairne and Perenolde
  3. Bloodscalp, Boulderfist, Dunemaul, Maiev, and Stonemaul (assuming no pvp-realm restriction)
  4. Darkspear (assuming no pvp-realm restriction)

If you see any flaws in my logic feel free to point them out, and tell me who you think we’ll be connected to soon.

I’m getting more worried every time I don’t see hydraxis on the list. Yet another round of connections coming up without us on the list.

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rip good old hydraxis


I feel you there. My one hope is that for a moment Blizz had Hyjal on the list of connections and they are significantly higher pop than we are. My bigger worry at this point, than getting 1 connection, is if the overall connections will be enough. High pop servers are 10x as a large as we are. Now I don’t think that all the servers should be that large, but if we are getting thrown into their CRZ anyway I want to at least get the benefits of being on a larger server. This might be skewed because I tend to play with warmode on, and therefore I never see anyone from our server unless I invite them to a group. I would love to see that change though, have 10 of the smaller servers thrown together and only see people from our connected realm group. Instead of CRZ have a layering system so that I see the same people out in the world

Looks like you guys finally get your wish

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Hydraxis and Terenas will be connected to Drak’thul, Mok’Nathal, Silvermoon, Skywall, Shadowsong, and Borean Tundra

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I’m excited for it, frustrated will our top spot on server for raiding but excited to triple the population and still be the best hordeside.

Grats Hydraxis

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Hydraxis was central before we merged with Terenas, if that helps.


Thanks! From glancing at other connections it looks like they are connection servers regardless of their current timezone. I need confirmation from the servers already connected in the last few weeks but glancing at times I think we are going to be changed to pacific time.

Silvermoon and Mok’Nathal were connected in 2013 and the animosity subsided many years ago . We are Pacific Time Zone . As the GM of very active ,large, and one of the oldest guilds , I can tell you that we have members from all over the US and Canada. They just added Skywall and Drak’thul last month and last week added Borean Tundra and Shadowsong . So it will be a smorgasbord .

Is there animosity between the servers after the connection? I can’t speak for everyone on Hydraxis/Terenas but I think almost all if not everyone in my guild is excited to have a larger player pool on our “server” again. For the last few tiers I believe we were the last serious mythic guild horde and alliance, so having the possibility of on server trials again is something we are really excited about. Not only that but also having cheaper prices on consumables is something I know many of our raiders are looking forward to.

I havn’t played 8.3 since I havn’t been too enthused with BFA, but I’m excited we’re getting new people. My guild has been dead for years with what’s left pugging/ doing cross realm raiding. I welcome our new friends, as a Hydraxian all the way back from BC. (Apologies for the classic avatar, too lazy to switch but retail main is same name.)

I’m not sure if any of us have managed to get in touch with Out of Exile yet, but make sure to save your raid lockout with a character off-server before the connection happens if you haven’t already.

When the first round of connections happened, we lost our N’Zoth lockout since we weren’t the ‘host’ half of the connection. We had only just started progression then, so it wasn’t a huge deal, but I’d hate to see that happen to others this late in the expansion. To my knowledge this issue still happens and I’m not sure how widespread the knowledge of it is.

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Ty for the tip! So with an extension, does it matter if they start the lockout the week of, or should they be the initial character to extend?

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Any character with the lockout should work. If someone’s got a 120 alt on another server not involved in connections this week, I’d have them grab it Tuesday or Wednesday to be sure. There’s a chance the lockout is somehow tied to its original server, but I don’t believe so and this should prevent the issue.

Hopefully Blizzard has this sorted either way, but forum rumblings seemed to indicate it was still happening.

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Hello there. Seems like we all are going from having our own communities to one big mega community. I hope the connection goes smoother than last weeks. I am the Guild leader for Fates Call, Horde side Borean Tundra. Please feel free to reach out to me privately if there are any community events you are planning, or if there are any issues with the guild.

It will be nice to see some new faces, both Horde and Alliance side. I don’t think Hydraxis and my server Terenas had any problems with one another, unless you PvPed. However that’s all in the past (Sorry to the Horde from Hydraxis I was forced to kill on the day of our server connections)

It will be nice to see some new guilds as well, I feel like over the last few years we have had few raiding guilds on both sides of the spectrum.

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Hey all, happy to have you join us soon! Hopefully we can all work together and make our connected server amazing for everyone. Almost Sane is one of the oldest guilds on Skywall, we just got Cutting Edge and we’re so excited to have many new raiding guilds joining us. We look forward to the competition in Shadowlands :slight_smile:

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I’m so excited Hydraxis-Terenas is getting more people. More raiding guilds! More Friends! More people for me to throw cauldrons at while they scream at me to stop!

Here’s hoping we all get along and come together to make a wonderful community.

-Aruadragon, Raid Mom extraordinaire.