New CE Guild for Shadowlands

Want to be apart of a New CE Guild coming to Andorhal in Shadowlands? I’m a 11/12M Ex-Multi CE GM / Recruitment Officer / Veteran Raider (back to Vanilla Naxx 40) with 13 years experience in leading and building multiple CE / End game teams / guilds. Guild decided to quit raiding due to burn out. I’m looking to Start a new fresh guild focusing on Cutting Edge every tier for the upcoming shadowlands expansion. I’m not interested in finishing this tier out, as my main focus at the moment is to build the solid team capable of CE. The Raid times will be focus around a semi-Hardcore raid environment with a comfortable 6 hr raid week (EST Timezone) Friday - Saturday, Times - times will be discussed once the officer core is established. If you are interested please leave a message and I’ll get with you.