New build, new problems , some good stuff

  1. Shadow mend replaced with flash heal for shadow = 15k healing (with improved node) and a shield cast makes me OOM, so never mind dispel or utlity. Obviously it can’t be buffed harder cause then it makes holy/disc OP, so yeah.

  2. None of the capstones change how we play. They’re all passives. mind flay insanity and void torrent are arguably more impactful on how the spec feels than the actual idols, this needs looking into. (Also, stop giving us pets. if I want pets, i’ll go play a warlock.)

2.1 I feel like DP/Mind sear should react differently based on which idols we have. Mind sear/DP could force consume all nzoth dots or force procs of Cthun tendrils or shorten the amount needed to summon the yogg-boy. Having yshar and using DP/Mind sear could apply a damage taken debuff and make the mobs/players turn 180 to face away from you.

  1. We still have baseline silence and dispersion in class tree. No other dps class has to choose these. Bake it baseline for shadow.

  2. Holy nova is even more useless than flash heal, a reversal (with spell ward/crit ward) in the class tree pathing would make shadow and disc happy and be no difference for holy.

  3. SC is still capped, I guess we’re just 5 target cleave chads now?

  4. Adding mind flay to psychic link is another self-created problem to battle with spike for aoe rotations, nice.

  5. Dominate Mind abuse, I can see this coming from a mile away. shrug I guess balancing priest wasn’t complicated enough, you had to add every MCable mob into the mix.

  6. Mind soothe aoe. Nice.

  7. Unfurling darkness consumed by SC, needs to be reworked to either target a 5th if there is a target or just leave it up for player choice.

  8. imp mass dispel has no mana cost reduction, so if as a shadow priest I dare cast 2 flash heals and a bubble I can’t cast dispel. Either tone baseline or re-implement mana cost reduction into talent tree.

  9. VE still needs a buff as a utility cooldown, and it’s targetting improved to actually heal the lowest member of your group/raid.

  10. Dark void still never gonna be taken over misery, especially now that you changed Tormented spirits to proc only if the target has pain and VT on it.

  11. Maddening touch needs a serious buff to insanity generation to be competitive with whispers of the damned. An AOE argument is moot considering we don’t have uncapped AOE, and as gearing improves with haste and crit, even more leaning towards whispers being clear cut winner.

  12. Shadowy insight giving another stack of mind blast? Yes, I’ll take that thank you.

  13. DA vs VF. Still just a FOTM cooldown. Arguably VF is now more thematic since it actually changes our rotation a bit.

Anyways, that’s my gut kick elbow nerve jerk reaction to the newest patch on ptr. I’ll scope again once the 70 players bring feedback from heroics/M+/raiding this week? next week? Meh.

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I don’t want to even go slightly out of my way for Holy Nova, even if it has 2 giant buffs. It’s bad enough spending points on it to begin with. Besides, if DPS and healers have to share a single class tree you have to make some inconveniences for both - there are plenty of DPS abilities guarding stuff healing priests might like as well.

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Well, disc is kinda in the same spot than shadow in that they need to pick holy nova to go to not only spell warding, but to words of the pious…

I might want PoM in some scenarios, so that could be fine for then… But otherwise it feels bad that it seems like a mandatory pick (and it’s terrible without rhapsody…)


k, edited in that disc hates nova too :slight_smile:

Sharing my main problem right now with shadow spec… My goal for this week is to bring awareness to this.

I would share on how hard shadows survivability has been hit in pvp. We lose greater fade and now shadowmend plus maso. Don’t forget a weaker vampiric embrace that cost two talents.

Flash heal is currently a potato for shadow. It takes me 7 casts to heal me from 0 to 70ish percent no crits, as well to go oom. Try doing that in pvp, GL getting these casts out.

No mobility, huge major loss of self healing power now, and loss of defense pvp cd.

No compensations yet to be added.


I wish they’d stop making holy nova happen.
I hate that spell, having to go into melee.
Please stop giving me melee spells :stuck_out_tongue:


Holy Nova is easily the worst AOE ability ingame. Rhapsody has so much potential to make it good.

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I agree that it could be good. I feel it’s a problem that holy nova can’t be good without having to invest 2 points into it though.

Assuming Rhapsody is good, the only incentive I’d have to take it is to make something of the point I already spent on holy nova. Holy nova alone isn’t a decent choice at all…

As holy, you really have the choice to properly skip it if you don’t want it. Having an ability that we don’t like is fine as long as we can chose to not take it…

I love holy nova. I never heal with it but in pvp it’s huge for spinning nodes and popping stealthies


That’s about what you can say about it. It’s, uh, better than nothing. I’d rather have a decent mind sear.


Instant aoe. Even if it did one damage…or heals for 1 point it’s still an effective to stop people from capping nodes it interrupts. It’s actually on my bar and razor naga mouse for that purpose but I do a lot of rbgs on disc priest. Totally useless in any other pvp or pve setting.

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You know what was really good for stopping multiple people capping a node…Shining Force.


It is still good! But it’s got a cool down. Fear is good to but it’s got a cool down. Holy nova for all purpose it’s the most useless spell out of every class and spec in the game….except if you do rbgs as a disc priest and happen to be defending a node the enemy team is trying to cap.

so we agree, holy nova should be baseline for priests and removed from class tree. Then you can keep it for your one niche use :stuck_out_tongue: