New blood for server

For the love of God Blizz, please combine some servers again. I would love the playerbase of Feathermoon/Scarlet Crusade to be refilled with some new blood. People are transferring out in droves it seems.

Are they transferring, or just quitting because they are bored with the current xpac?

Many of the major horde guilds have transferred servers.

The release of Classic will make the population dip also, some will eventually come back but some will not. I hope Blizzard has some plan to help low pop servers. Connected Realms helped in the past and would be the easiest for Blizzard since they already have the blueprint for it. I just think they are reluctant to connect realms due to overly optimistic views that they will get sub numbers up again.

I think the faction wall is coming down expac to address low pop servers and servers with bad faction ratios.