New AV is live - early reports here

You guys literally have no idea what they were fixing with the numbers do you lol.

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Bruce’s dad works for Nintendo, you can trust him.


Horde rankers DO care about it.

While its true that we are only competing with other horde, the massive amount of premades make it so that your honor gains are much less consistent with play time and has a large RNG factor to it.

If you get put into a 7 min lose AV you at most get like 2.5k-3k honor if you’re lucky and then have to go back to a 40 min queue. While people ranking should be out doing world pvp between queues, regardless of your luck with that the vast majority of your honor comes from inside AV.

If you get a bad string of AV games against premades it can make your honor gain slow to a crawl while others with better luck getting “normal” av games for 4-10k honor over 30 min games will far surpass your honor despite possibly playing less hours or getting less kills overall.

I can play all day and end up with a 30k difference in honor from a previous day depending on how lucky my matchmaking was that day

The game of Russian roulette that you play queueing into premades adds a heavy layer of RNG to farming honor on the horde


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Queue times are longer. Up to 1 hour 8 minutes on my server.

How can you snipe/fill if you don’t know if you’re in the BG or not?

Not even close. A few will have R14. There are a ton of delusional people who think they will get R14 soon.

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But WSG is down to 5 minutes.

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I tbh ink it solved the premade issue. How will the premades know what number they got?

Killing blows doesn’t mean anything aside from you hit them last. As far as we know you ran up and got the last hit on everyone.

Does WSG give decent honor per hour? I’m just afraid of those PUG matches where the enemy holds onto the flag forever and the match can last up to 45 minutes for little honor compared to AV.

When I PVP, I always PUG it.

The point of mass-queue is to force spawn a brand new AV.

You bypass the lack of numbers because even though it doesn’t show you the number of the AV that popped you can still look at the battlemaster and see which AVs are available and if you watch you can see a new one show up.

Only the people that don’t understand how premade queues work think that removing the number was going to fix anything. The number just made it a bit faster, now you just need someone watching the battlemaster to identify the new games.

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If they really wanna fix this they will get rid of q’ing for specific bgs and only do first available.


Again, you don’t know if you’ve got into The right AV. It’s a total crap shoot

Apparently you can’t or it’s difficult. I have seen the WSG ques increase a lot so it looks like they are going to try and see if they can change the meta (or at least test it) to WSG. Maybe when AB hits, thst will be the meta which is fine with me. Time to get your own WSG and AB teams started.

At which point what, you decline your random match and queue for the new one? But by the time it shows up in the UI, shouldn’t it already have 20+ people in it?

Thank god… sick of AV. Hoping we switch to WSG

I really can’t wait for AB- the best BG.

All my games have been won/lost in under 15 minutes so far. Won 3 lost 1. I don’t see how it could be worse than 70min AV queues.

That has not been my experience.