New and Old Player Zone Recommdations

**Hello everybody to give you a scenario I was an old player back when MOP was new and had a 70 level character. I just started a new character with my girlfriend as blood elves. Therefore she can’t really do the Chromie timeline stuff as I can. She likes the game but neither of us like the aesthetic of the Battle for Azeroth campaign and would rather explore the actual world. We do not care about efficiently of leveling up just having fun.So my question would be what zones or horde quest board campaigns in orgrimmar should we do together? We are blood elves so I was thinking Eversong Woods but did not know how well received that zone is as a mainly alliance player. Thanks for all responses.

So it’s a little known fact, but there’s actually nothing stopping you from just going out and experiencing the zones on your own, without chromie time. You can technically start in the BE starting area and level the old fashioned way through all of the expansions if you want to, though you won’t be able to experience anywhere near all of the zones because of the shadowlands level squish. You’ll run out of levels in say Northrend long before you’ll ever get to play through the zones. At a certain point you outlevel the expansion you’re leveling in and have to either move on to the next xpac, or continue to play and receive next to no xp for your troubles.

Now, all that said, if your girlfriend has a brand new account, she will be forced to play through the new starting area to level 10, but after that you can go anywhere you want to level.


Yes we have finished the starting zone and understand we don’t have to do the chromie stuff. I’m just wondering what zones have some of the better quest lines specifically the old continents.

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Ghostlands has always been one of my favorite zones. It’s an older, less efficient questing style, but I think it does a great job of capturing the tragedy of the Blood Elves. So, I’d continue on through Eversong and Ghostlands.

There’s so much questing content out there, that it’s hard to narrow stuff down. You might consider doing Legion after the BE starting zones. It will give you the most time before you start outleveling the zones, and you get to take on the Legion (which as Blood Elves will be fitting story-wise.)

Warlords of Draenor has really good leveling content, so that’s another thing I’d consider. (It was end game content where it fell apart.) The lack of end game story actually makes it a good choice for leveling, as with expansions like Legion and BfA, so much of the real story comes after you’ve leveled. WoD, you get to see most of the good stuff while leveling.

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My understanding is that, once a new player completes Exiles Reach, they can choose to level through Chromie Time. And therefore I would assume that if you also start a new character, you should be able to group up and play together through the same Chrome Time. Naturally you both need to be the same faction.

Not sure is partysynch is required but unless there is a large difference of level, I would assume not.

Unlocking Chromie Time requires a level 60 character on the account. (I have heard that you can fulfill this requirement by making a trial character, but it’s not something I can personally test.) Returning players who had max level characters from older expansions have sometime found that it’s already unlocked as well.

Completing the full Exile’s Reach tutorial unlocks the ability for future characters to choose the older starting zones instead of Exile’s Reach.

I find myself confused about this new player/Chromie situation. While on one of my Guide characters, I had two people absolutely determined that my take was wrong - one new player said they had been able to access Chromie time immediately without getting a character to 60. Now, I can’t tell if they were lying of course but someone else said the same thing. And the patch notes don’t make it clear.

However, my stance was that if it WAS true it would have been a much bigger and clearer announcement, since their new player system was a fairly important game aspect - and I hadn’t been able to find a single indication in any Patch Note of that happening, or any news item on it anywhere. The only thing I know for sure is that if a new player buys one of the Heroic editions with the boosted character included, getting that booster character and activated it fulfills the 'you must have a level 60 before you can do other characters in Chromie time" requirement.

I agree that this appears to happen occasionally. Whether it is a bug or intended, I don’t know.

So yes, puzzled. Since I don’t have a new account I can’t test it myself and I’ve no way to be personally certain. So if anyone who has a way to test it can confirm one way or the other, that would be great.

I’ve read such accounts as well.

Another data point, that may or may not have a direct bearing.

A while ago, I made a Starter Account character in the US on the same BNet account. In the US, I have none of my EU perks or history; I have no achievements, no pets. mounts, toys, heirlooms.

When I started the character, I was given no option to choose my starting zone - I was shipped off to Exile’s Reach.

However, when I got back to Stormwind, after doing some quests, Chromie offered me Chromie Time.

Since my BNet account may have made the difference, I can’t be sure that my Chromie Time is the same as a true beginner’s Chromie Time.

But I do suspect there is “something funny” going on with the availability of Chromie Time.

I’m not really familiar with how it works for EU v US region accounts. Does a person keep the same single Bnet account regardless of whether they play on EU or US?

If so, the Bnet account would have time indicators showing that it was created at a certain date and that it was linked to a set of characters. But according to everything I’ve read anywhere, trial accounts cannot access Chromie time at all. So if you were able to do that, that’s a complete weirdness happening there.

You could make a separate BNet, but you can also make a separate US WoW account within your EU BNet account, and that’s what I did in this case.

Yes, I definitely was surptised when my level 12 US character, who got no choice of starting zone, could access Chromie Time. There has to be some loophole somewhere.