New Alliance looking for guild

Hello there, I have played on Horde side mainly throughot my WoW career. Off and on through MoP and became practically semi hard core ever since Legion launched and haven’t looked back since. However I have yet to play anything alliance and that changes now. While I am still going to main on my Horde rogue for the time being, I have made an alliance rogue who is 80 now and climbing fast. I am mainly looking for an AOTC and mythic +, semi-hard core guild right now that is mainly an adult guild but loves to bust each others balls as well. Please feel free to message me here or add and message me on BNet at GrittyTexan#1234. I can’t wait to hear from you all and hopefully make new friends! Thanks in advance!

What raid days are you looking for?

Hello there,

Evolved is always looking for new members to join us. We offer alot in terms of maybe its what your looking for. Check out the link below for our recruitment post. Best of luck in finding a new guild.