New affix's

So the effects for failing the affix mechanics are in and yeah, all of them are pretty much 100% pull killers. There’s going to be zero incentive to do M+ if this goes live with how annoying every single week will be.

Wow head just said “substantially more” so who knows how much that actually is. Trying to get dps to smack them now is like trying to do dental work on a hippo. I doubt DPS players are gonna all of sudden say, “maybe I should help out with that.”

These affixes don’t even really seem that bad but I’m always for making Mythic+ more difficult. You don’t need Keystone Hero after 1 week of patch release calm down.

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Yeah I don’t think they’re at all as bad as people think they are. I just think that a lot of people wanted pure kiss mechanics, or kiss curse mechanics for level 7 affixes. Whateva, ppl gonna complain. Still gonna do M+.

quaking + grevious was miserable. nothing can be worse than those 2 affixes. none of these are even close.

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It’s fun for them.

Is this live or only for PTR?

PTR only guess we will see how bad they are this weekend

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Well it depends, right? If it’s once or twice per big pull, that’s one thing, but if it’s like volcanic and you can get one per mob spawning, then it’s going to suck royally and further restrict viable comps.

We also don’t have any data about how much “less” explosive orbs warrant. Being able to stomp them as a healer made them a healer affix, but if they are still classified as a totem, we’ll be fighting with the UI to get them, and that’s not fun either.

yea, i guess we will see how it plays out during the weekend.

im just not gonna all in doomer over these

There is no way you get as many afflicted or incorporeal as volcanic. You guys are making stuff up in your head to stoke your own anger, its goofy as heck.

You almost certainly get 1 Afflicted up at a time at some unknown spawn rate. How often it spawns dictates how annoying. Incorporeal COULD spawn more than 1 at a time but I’m skeptical of that as well.

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People are being doom and gloom because they might have to talent into a dispel or effect that suppresses roots and lose one percent of their dps or spend a global that isn’t smashing stuff.

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If it was botching up then they’d have fixed it. It isn’t a mistake, that’s how it was meant to be. Now, again.

Why are most people only running two of the dungeons all the time? If only half of them have the mechanics in them? By your statement, there should be more than 2 dungeons that should be run constantly and its not the case here.

Blizzard virtually never buffs content because people rage no matter how justified. Heroic Argus is the last encounter that got buffed I can remember in a very long time.

Difficulty of a dungeon is a combination of mechanics AND tuning (and timer) not just mechanics. If it was number of mechanics only and tuning didn’t matter then a +10 and +25 would be equally as difficult and obviously they are not, despite being mechanically identical.

SBG and CoS are the triple whammy. Minimal mechanics, low tuning, and a forgiving timer.

Most of NO is pretty boring, especially the first 2 bosses and trash. 3rd boss trash/boss is good and final boss is good.

A lot of AV is boring with not a lot going on, especially the 3rd boss and the ring and frog trash.

They should just be honest and call entangling what it really is:

Key Brick - One or more of your group will immediately drop dead, bricking the key. This cannot be countered or avoided.

Because thats how this is actually going to play out. If this was to go off during any fight in the game at the moment you would just die. It’s just RNG death roulette.

Lihuvim got buffed.

SFO tier boss.

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No, bro. All of what you said doesn’t justify what you said earlier. You said that half the dungeons don’t have mechanics. And I don’t have to prove this to you, you know it and even the forum posters know it. No one runs AV/NO as often as SBG/COS. If they had no mechanics then they’d be getting just as busted and ran over and over to fill up vaults. Timer/tuning is based on dungeon difficulty. It goes up based on dungeon level. The same 18 SBG for example will more often get +2’d then a 18 NO or 18 AV.

This is not aging well for you and the entire M+ community :frowning:

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Word on the ptr is explosive now has so much hp (and not reduced spawn rate) that not even the DPS can kill them in time. It’s become an ignore and pray you can heal through it fiasco.

Apparently, on big pulls, afflicted will spawn multiples. Like 2-4 at a time. Good luck dispelling and/or healing those while dealing with the pull and the dungeon mechanics. Same with the other one, multiple spawns at a time that need to be cc’d. Can’t wait to para one only to have some greedy aoe dps break it.

See I knew the new ones were gunna be gross

Explosives becoming even worse was an unfortunate surprise

Looks like I don’t have to wait for tomorrow…so what were you saying again?

Where ya at Cydir…lol gullible mfers :man_facepalming:

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