New 5K token pet

Might want to hold off on buying extra pets with tokens, there’s a new pet in Dragonflight that costs 5000 pet tokens. There’s a trainer in Azure Span that also sells 6 new pets one of which is Scout, a pet using the shaggy terrier type dog introduced in BfA. So far on beta no faction rep is required to buy her pets.

There’s also a vendor in Valdraken that strangely sells a lot of old quest reward pets like the Singing Sunflower and Creepy Crate.


Thank you for the heads up! I amassed about 12k+ charms during Shadowlands without grinding very hard and glad I didn’t buy the baubleworm yet. Someday I’ll go back and get it, but this guy is much cuter and I’ll probably wait to spend my tokens until I see what I can get in DF.

I wanted to add that some other pet vendors already sell the old quest reward pets for the characters that have completed the quests, so it may just be a similar feature. I think I noticed it on the Legion pet vendor specifically but may be on others as well.

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Thanks for the heads up on 5,000 that is half of what the Baubleworm was for SL…and some laugh at me on my collection of pet charms…I am at over 58,000 now…so I am good for purchase day 1…I will pass this info on to one one of my support groups on FB…


Seen somewhere that all the new pets and stuff for Dragon Flight will cost about 14,000 or so pet charms to be able to buy all the stuff…

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That was when Scout was showing as a 10,000 charm pet. Right now the count for purchasing pets is 6,150.


Okay that is cool for those with less time to get charms…thank you Amayita for info…

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Wonder why they lowered the cost on Scout from 10K to 5K …maybe too many complaints from SL for that Baubleworm that cost 10K…

I suspect a lot of the folks that spent 10,000 charms were planning on making a killing selling the pet instead of wanting one for themselves. Flawless Baubleworms that hit the AH soon as they became available started off for over a million gold but didn’t seem to be getting snapped up. Prices dropped pretty quickly.

On busy realms now you can pick one up for around 150K.

Yeah I was thinking of buying one to sell on my AH but I watched the ones that went up first and seen none were selling at all and prices dropping…I just hanged on to my charms…instead I brought one for a guild mate of mine that doesn’t have tons of time to play and get pet charms and gave it too her as a gift…


Holy Moly! That is a lot! lol

I earned a bunch. Not that many tho. However I have spent most of them.

LOL yeah I play all day long and run 12 max alts everyday on pet battles around SL…always had tons of charms…

Trust me when I say Scout will sell way better than the Baubleworm. I already have multiple friends planning to buy one from the AH lol.


Yeah I think the cute looking border collie look he has is what doing that now …

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im curious what the general price will be. i have a lot of charms set aside.

I just updated Scout’s Wowhead page (Beta version) with pics of him.

He will do hearts :heavy_heart_exclamation:over his head when you target him and do /pet.


Just make sure you have enough charms to buy the pets you need for yourself…it takes about 6,200 for all new pets with Dragon Flight so far as we know.

Yeah, that worm pet really looks blah. Why waste charms on a pet you wouldn’t want to show off?

They definitely fixed that with that cute lil pup. Scout is adorable.

I plan on first day getting to where this pet is sold and grab one for myself and grab 3 more to put too the AH…I can sit on them for a long time see how prices go.

do you need rep to get this pet? i’m looking for the vendor.

Nope I got mine day 1 of Dragon Flight opening up…just used my water Strider and rode over to the other side of the isle and brought them. Here is map where you find the vendor to buy them from…