Never got a mount from a drop. Ever

Farming mounts is a fun thing for me. I get to complete older transmog sets on several classes and some of the old raids are fun to do solo. It will wear on you if you only stress about the mount.


You should try for Clutch of Ji-Kun in Throne of Thunder. It’s a mount drop with a kind of decent drop rate and it didn’t take too long for me to get.

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It truly is a Mystery on how things work with mount drops - There have been more than a few times where I’ll run a character that hasn’t been to the specific raid before, and get a rare mount

Happened with: Experiment 12-B, Clutch of Ji-kun, Also read plenty of stories of people like in this thread who bring ppl along and they mysteriously get a super rare mount for just being there the first time

There’s the mounts off the “rates” in Arathi right now, they’re not guaranteed drops, but they do drop pretty readily.

There’s also a mount (or at least there was) from these any of these 3 bugs in Silithus. I think I got mine on the first trip out. So you can try your bad luck there.

I got my blue drake in 50 runs of UP across 2 characters.

Lulls in the game are great times to stack up the alts and run daily heroics for mounts. Raids are more than I care to run for such things, though I certainly gave ZG a solid try at the end of Wrath. Which was fun, on my DK, because the fights were just on the brink of what I could solo. Success was not assured. Vs, like, today, I can one shot everything – crummy game play, it turns me off from farming stuff like that. Makes me mad at cast times. I farmed AQ40 for transmog gear – what an awful experience.

But, anyway, try some of the higher drop rate stuff, just to break your curse.

Maybe you will get lucky with a flying mount drop…one day you might be able to use it.


I got the Ashenvale Chimera off of the rare Alash’anir in Darkshore first try. That never happens to me when I’m actually trying to get a mount. So try that if I can do it anyone else can.

Run IEs all the time on mythic, have yet to see one. It’s so frustrating ><


You have a mana ray.

You know, the mount from an egg that isn’t a 100% drop from one of the cat rares on Argus?

Also, you only have 36 mounts which tells me you really don’t try that hard.

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I’ve ran Stratholme around 250 times before the Deathcharger’s Reins mount dropped. On the flip side I’ve done about 12 Timewalking dungeons before Infinite Timereaver dropped and I wasn’t even going for it. It goes to show RNG has it’s mood swings. Most days it hates you. On those rare occasions it shows some love.

If you want some easy mount drops I recommend going to AQ and getting the green/blue/yellow/red Qiraji. The red one even comes with an achievement Why? Because It’s Red

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Go do Obsidium Sanctum (on 10 man and 25 man). yw

The secret to mount farming is throwing 20 alts at a mount to increase your odds by 20x. The more alts the higher the probability you’ll get the mount.

It’s science.

But that’s n-- alright, sure, sure…

Iron Star >>>>>>>>> Lightforged Mecha… we’ve proven this over and over during incursions. Orcs are good at science, trust us.

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Speaking of that, we’re in dire need of an iron star mount.

Ugh. Ulduar and I are not speaking because of that mount.


Sorry, friend.

… I didn’t know.


Rng giveth, and rng taketh.

Time to antagonize a blue. (this is one of my alts, cause love rocket farms.)

I curse out my own chars. I can imagine what was said. RNG hates my horde DH. Both this one that and that one have had about the same times run for all content. Including WF’s.

I have cursed at my horde DH for being a lazy good for nothing &&^%&%&^% piece of ^^&^ (&(&*(( lol. Why can’t you be like the good NE DH? She finds stuff.

I got poundfist the first time he ever spawned on live servers. Lead an entire raid on him and he just happened to spawn right next to me.

As a recovering mount farmer (feel free to armory my mount collection) the only thing I can say is always have an army of alts and lots of time on your hands if you want a specific mount.