Never got a mount from a drop. Ever

I ran IE on my warlock the day after 8.1 was released, got the dragon mount and the dragon pet on same run on that vyrkul island.

I think i used my lock’s RNG reserves for a year.

Amen. Gotta add when I got poundfist it was on a random thursday where I logged in and had an alt parked nearby at Gorgrond. A friend asked me to tank a key and I thought alright but decided to do one sweep before I went. Just as I was finishing last area it spawned, at 3:30pm pacific time. I nearly fell over for it had been months since I been tracking it without even a sniff of it.

Nah. No way. I’m totally not jealous of you or anything.

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A pity timer would be great, however the devs don’t want you to be able to get everything, or if they can know you will keep trying relentlessly, ever. So they would maybe add that but make everything 20x more rare in spite.

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I feel ya. Although I’ve won a couple of mounts, the one I really want eludes me.

Ashes my beauty. /sigh

I had a similar experience but with the one of the portals for the voidtalon of the dark star.

I wasn’t even 120 yet. It’s why i kind of link having 12 120’s. I can use up their RNG goods on different things.


I almost posted I had a Vibrant Mana Ray. I wasn’t sure where I had got it though or what the drop rate is or how rare it is. Your right though. It’s likely the rarest mount I have.

I’ve gotten incredibly lucky with the Sha of Anger’s Mount in less than 100 kills I think. That’s about the luckiest I’ve gotten. Ironically, it was on my Warlock alt. I decided to try Nalak. I didn’t have the portal opened yet. I start the quest to go to Isle of Thunder, get DC’d upon load in, have to run the rest of the way (since my flight thing got cancelled from the DC). I noticed a rare. I figured “Why not? What’s the harm?” I got the Sealed Tome of the Legion from the very first mob that I killed on the Isle of Thunder with my Warlock (who also got the Sha of Anger mount minutes before). It was quite nice!

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Same here, under 300 kills for me! I’ve been farming Nalak for a long while since I got sha, though. So not the same luck in that case.

do you mean sethekk?
your first kill was 2 months ago…

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You came in here to be a pixel detective?

Everything ok mate?

Oh I know the feeling. I mean I get them occascionally. But I have friends who seem to have excellent mount luck. The first time I took my new friend through Old strat a long time ago…he got the damn mount. I’ve had some luck too though.

When new Kara came out, I was waiting for my group to get filled and I thought “well hell, I’ll just go see if the mount drops from old Kara. And sure enough it dropped.

Funny thing is my first time doing Mythic Hellfire Citadel’s last boss in bfa and the mount drops off the last boss. I wasn’t farming that raid for the boss. I have 1 more piece to get for the tmog set and I had been looking to get that.

Flip side, I did LK something like 150 times to get that mount.

There are so many mounts now, I honestly don’t care about them anymore. Back in Cata it felt like mounts were really special and you were rewarded chasing rare mounts. Now they rain from the sky. SO many mounts out there. I just don’t care anymore.


I spent 3 years farming the Headless Horseman on 12 characters every single day the event was live. Just keep at it, you’ll get lucky one day!

I’ve been pretty lucky over the years, getting several mounts in my first few tries. Unfortunately, my memories tend to be dominated by the burnout from mounts that took hundreds of runs (the drake from Throne of the Four Winds broke me- I’ve never really been a mount farmer since it finally dropped)

Mimiron’s Head is one of several that still elude me, but that’s in part because I had multiple brain cramps. First I just assumed without researching that it dropped off Mimiron and then after realizing that mistake, spent a year doing Yogg with all the keepers instead of none of the keepers.

( I’ve never been able to find the fun in rare spawns - I’ve tried a few of them a few times, and still take long detours through the Storm Peaks now and then just in to give the old Time Lost Protodrake an opportunity to cross my path if it ever decides to appear, but doing nothing but sitting, staring at a blankish screen for hours on end just isn’t my thing - at least without a fishing rod in my hand )

Check dead RP servers, I usually see active WoD rares there. I got 2 of them from a dead server.

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Never ever delete that warlock! It has the best luck in the game!

Farming drop mounts take time and dedication people like myself have spent hours upon hours farming for the rares, it took me 2 years to get the raven lord and Invincible, (inb4 lame joke about how we can see it if its invisible), and some mounts I got very lucky after only a week or 2. I still don’t have all the ones I want but I also have taken a break from the farming.

Don’t despair it is a time consuming process but those mounts will start dropping if you commit yourself.

Good Luck!

For Gnomeregan!

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