Never got a mount from a drop. Ever

The secret to mount farming is throwing 20 alts at a mount to increase your odds by 20x. The more alts the higher the probability you’ll get the mount.

It’s science.

But that’s n-- alright, sure, sure…

Iron Star >>>>>>>>> Lightforged Mecha… we’ve proven this over and over during incursions. Orcs are good at science, trust us.

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Speaking of that, we’re in dire need of an iron star mount.

Ugh. Ulduar and I are not speaking because of that mount.


Sorry, friend.

… I didn’t know.


Rng giveth, and rng taketh.

Time to antagonize a blue. (this is one of my alts, cause love rocket farms.)

I curse out my own chars. I can imagine what was said. RNG hates my horde DH. Both this one that and that one have had about the same times run for all content. Including WF’s.

I have cursed at my horde DH for being a lazy good for nothing &&^%&%&^% piece of ^^&^ (&(&*(( lol. Why can’t you be like the good NE DH? She finds stuff.

I got poundfist the first time he ever spawned on live servers. Lead an entire raid on him and he just happened to spawn right next to me.

As a recovering mount farmer (feel free to armory my mount collection) the only thing I can say is always have an army of alts and lots of time on your hands if you want a specific mount.

I ran IE on my warlock the day after 8.1 was released, got the dragon mount and the dragon pet on same run on that vyrkul island.

I think i used my lock’s RNG reserves for a year.

Amen. Gotta add when I got poundfist it was on a random thursday where I logged in and had an alt parked nearby at Gorgrond. A friend asked me to tank a key and I thought alright but decided to do one sweep before I went. Just as I was finishing last area it spawned, at 3:30pm pacific time. I nearly fell over for it had been months since I been tracking it without even a sniff of it.

Nah. No way. I’m totally not jealous of you or anything.

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A pity timer would be great, however the devs don’t want you to be able to get everything, or if they can know you will keep trying relentlessly, ever. So they would maybe add that but make everything 20x more rare in spite.

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I feel ya. Although I’ve won a couple of mounts, the one I really want eludes me.

Ashes my beauty. /sigh

I had a similar experience but with the one of the portals for the voidtalon of the dark star.

I wasn’t even 120 yet. It’s why i kind of link having 12 120’s. I can use up their RNG goods on different things.


I almost posted I had a Vibrant Mana Ray. I wasn’t sure where I had got it though or what the drop rate is or how rare it is. Your right though. It’s likely the rarest mount I have.

I’ve gotten incredibly lucky with the Sha of Anger’s Mount in less than 100 kills I think. That’s about the luckiest I’ve gotten. Ironically, it was on my Warlock alt. I decided to try Nalak. I didn’t have the portal opened yet. I start the quest to go to Isle of Thunder, get DC’d upon load in, have to run the rest of the way (since my flight thing got cancelled from the DC). I noticed a rare. I figured “Why not? What’s the harm?” I got the Sealed Tome of the Legion from the very first mob that I killed on the Isle of Thunder with my Warlock (who also got the Sha of Anger mount minutes before). It was quite nice!

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