Netherwing rep BUG OR PHASE LOCKED?

Okay guys, I have gotten to the point with the netherwing faction that I should be receiving “In Service of the Illidari” from Mordenai. But… He is not offering the quest. Now I am wondering is this something that will come out in a later phase? Or is this a bug and is my character glitched on the quest chain.

I have done a little research and the second quest chain wasn’t on the original TBC release so I am assuming it is phase locked but I wanted to come here and question my peers about it to see what they have to say about the issue. So far I can’t find anything referencing that it would be phase locked and that is what has led me here.

Later phase all the dailly hubs are including skyguard and orgrilla. They came out with blacktemple back in the day or just before it. As such don’t expect them to be out till phase 2 or 3


Okay ty very much for the info :slight_smile:
+1 internet to you sir.

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