Netherwing Drake Black Scales missing

Yeah, seems like they are broken still for everyone who got them before the emergency maintenance. Hopefully support responds to my ticket in the next week.

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Also don’t have the scales at rostrum or in mailbox despite having achieve complete so not resolved yet.

I just got the meta yesterday and they’re broken for me too.

I got the achiev last weekend, working fine for my hunter.

I recieved no item, the color was unlocked on the rostrum after i relogged the char i got it on.

Missing for me as well.

Still missing for me. BUMP.

I also don’t have my black scales.

Got the achievement earlier today and they are still missing for me as well. Full multi-hour relogs did not fix it either.

Just bumping after several hotfixes indicated that they fixed a lot of the missing new achievement mounts, yet the black scales for the Grotto Netherwing Drake are still missing from the rostrum. Do we need to submit individual tickets to get these properly distributed at this point?

Still missing for me as well, even after the 03/27/2024 bug fixes, which resolved most of the other 10.2.6 achievement mount issues.

Still missing for me also, please Blizzard this has to be fixed

think this and the salamanther are the only troublesome things on this meta now.
(dont have both yet)

Tickets don’t do anything, mine finally went through and CS just told me to kick rocks.

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Same here. Submitted a bug report. Pretty bummed out. Especially after seeing someone run around with it.

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got the achievement, but got no black scales (and yes, i checked in rostrun, ty gm support, lmao)

Still missing here as well (got the achievement upon logging in on patch day), also told “sorry go post a bug report” by support.

Just finished the achievement, and like all the others, no black netherwing drake skin color even after doing all the suggested steps, restarting and repairing the game files, checking the rostrum, logging in/out, updating and restarting … wish they would at least acknowledge the issue with a blue post. Hopefully they’ll answer my ticket…

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Bugged for me as well. The only thing I can think of is I didn’t collect some of the glyphs from patch content on my main. Which of course is impossible to redo…

I’ve completed the achievement yesterday, didn’t get any notification on unlocking the skin but visiting the transformation area I have received the black scales for the netherwing drake. It was not marked as “New” as the other unlocked skins were once you received them.

Still don’t have the Onyx Netherwing Scales after today’s maintenance.