Nerubian and Cryptlord taming? Yes or no?

Hello everyone, I’m here to talk about bugs… I like bugs and because of my love for bugs, I have managed to tame nearly every Insect/Arachnid like creature in game and when Shadowlands comes out I will complete my army of insectoids and start Gates of AQ 2.0… Only problem is my absolute favorite insect like creature is still the Crypt lord… but uh, them big boys undead rather than beast like their Silithid cousins.

I’m thinking learning to tame them through a book like Mechs, Blood bugs and in Shadowlands the Cloud Serpents from MoP will be tameable through a book and a crap ton of other pets just coming as regular tameable pets.

Now I know most Nerubians are undead like Crypt lords are the Undead of Spiderlords but I mean… I just want more bugs lol and Nerubians are some I’ve wanted to tame since Vanilla on my main hunter, I remember the first time seeing Crypt Fiends back in the day, I wanted to tame one so bad lol - everybody running around with their little cats and dogs, I was going to pull up with a giant Ant man thing lol but I had to go for a regular spider, which I still have to this day.

I probably am one of the few who wants a ton of bugs but come on guys, more bugs.

They are sentient creatures. This wouldn’t be taming it would be enslavement.


If I could tame a crypt lord I would reroll hunter and never look back.

I doubt you’ll get them as long as they’re undead and not beasts. That’s pretty much the one qualifier for being a Hunter pet class.

Though on that note, I do wish I could have kept my worgen pet I tamed from that one dungeon in WotLK. They took him away from me when worgen became playable.

True, I remember people running around with Worgen pets

I did not think of this lol, I forgot that the more bug like Silithids are tameable and not the more human like

Honestly I’d rather have them as a playable race; they’re not all undead afterall and some of them were even sociable in wrath.

If you think about too though, Undead beast are becoming tameable in Shadowlands so… ya never know hehe.

So are aqir goliaths (can tame in SL). Crypt lords are the nerubian counterparts to these.