Nerfs to OP classes except one

If the water elemental gets turned into a tank pet they’ll proceed to complain about it not holding the aggro. Like locks do.

Have you met a Shaman ?

They need to buff Shadow Priest again in my opinion and nerf DH more.

I’d still rather and roll my face on the keyboard for elites and win as a lock than not be able to kite as mage since none of the mage cc works on such mobs.

See that’s the fundamental failure of the mage class. In order for the class to actually function as intended, it needs to be able to cc. But blizz in their infinite wisdom made basically all the mobs that would require you to use such cc, immune to said cc. Which renders the entire mage class at a complete and objective disadvantage. It’s basically like deleting paladin bubble or ability to heal as ret. You’re literally stripping core functionality out of a class thus leaving it completely broken and objectively inferior to ever other class in the game.

And people wonder why so few play mage these days. It’s just not worth the effort when every other class don’t have their core abilities effectively deleted from the game.

If Blizz wanted to actually level the playing field, either one of two things needs to happen. Either allow mage to cc things what other classes can’t. Or make all the mobs that can be taunted, immune to taunt. So now you’ve effectively deleted lock blueberry. And now suddenly you realise why warlock is objectively superior to mage.

Think about it. Every other ranged class in the game can either heal itself or has a tanking pet. That’s because those are the only 2 mechanics that work. Mage has no mechanics that work in the same way and this makes it a class with no game. The entire gameplay system of wow simply ignores the class exists. Now that was fine in days of old when mage had the dps to compensate. But it no longer has that. If Blizz was to implement the original logic, they would have to double mage dps and reintroduce hybrid class taxes and nerf the dps of any class with a tank pet, as was the case in vanilla.


Buff shields not increase their hp imo. The runcasting helps.

You’re beyond uninformed just pure emotion lmao. Look at what people said here it’s all true about not being top down and least survivability. Give your head a shake take a walk and get better at playing if you can’t kill one. You’ll never be able to kill a player better than you but they can make you better. But you should be able to handle the majority who are lousy

Oh no how dare the meta change from the same OP classes always being on top!

I have zero problems questing as fire. Everything dies.

Prot’s defensive gain from additional rage is quite good. It was speculated back in SoD that using it with WF would be pretty good for them, but it was kinda costly for a raid spot. It wasn’t considered in CN due to Enhance sucking, and there being no reason to run it, or stack (or even use at all) any of the specs that benefited greatly from it.

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Arcane is fine.

Frost isn’t as good at single target but has great cleave and AoE options that Arcane lacks.

Fire needs…something. Literally no one is playing Fire.

As for Mages being ‘glass cannons’, this isn’t exactly true! We’re very durable as long as you use your CDs properly! Two Ice Blocks (that are full heals), Mirror Image, Barriers (Both MI and Barriers can heal), shield while Blinking/Shimmering, Alter Time…Proper use of all of these, provided you’re not interrupted or silenced, can make you very tough to kill in any content!

Yep, this is correct.

Prot gains a lot more than just defensive value from Windfury, too. It’s the largest percent increase out of any spec, moreso than even the best DPS specs to benefit from it (think Arms, your Rogue specs, etc.) and iirc it isn’t particularly close either.

Enhancement’s value partially depends on the value of the specs that benefit the most from Windfury, but in Sepulcher and also right now Enhancement kinda double-dips because it’s both one of the best specs in the game by its own merit alone and also theoretically the best external support for other good specs. Right now especially, a lot of top players think Enhancement is the single best spec in the game to have one of.

Unless it’s changed significantly for DF, it was Arms and HDH benefiting the most. Arms blows right now, and not even WF can save it.

We’re not entirely sure because some classes/specs don’t have sims/optimized APLs with Windfury yet. Arms is definitely still up there (in terms of gains; it’s still absolute dogwater currently), and historically the Rogue specs were also very strong Windfury specs (all behind Demon Blades Havoc though). We do know Prot Warrior is the best as far as percent increases go though.

Ive found Evokers to be a massive pain in the rear to pin down in groups because of the 2 dash+run speed abilities, the dash heal and rescue giving them like 4 movement abilities back to back in group content.

Sure if you isolate and pin them down and they fold like cardboard in a 1v1 but having differing strengths isn’t a weakness necessarily.

Some guilds stacking 4 boomkins on one fight. Others stacking rogues. Some running with 3 priests on fights. Others 3 Preservation evokers. The top teams appear to have pretty deep benches and are min/maxing the comp on every fight.

And for all the people in the back… CLASSES SHOULD NOT BE BALANCED AROUND THE RACE TO WORLD FIRST COMPS! Which they arent.

Also Arcane Mage is currently one of the best PI classes. Which Props up its DPS in these extreme min/max situations

Without borrowed power and systems holding them back and now we can truly see which class is doing well and actually balanced.

Better than usual due to a few factors, according to their discord.

I just love how people refuse to go to the blizzard tracker to look up class tuning.

this is spot on: If you are to be a glass cannon you have to actually be a cannon. To properly kite on a mage CC has to work, mages were never meant to tank anything, but with the small buffs to shields people think that is the way the class was supposed to be played. Kiting was the way of things and if done right the mob died in a a couple or three hits. Personally I think PVP has everything to do with why the cannon and kiting of mages no longer exist.

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True, but it wasn’t by tanking damage.