Nerf WARLOCK damage

Thats all.

lmao broken class

They’re doing the SAME damage DH did before the first and second nerf hammers

Nerf nerf nerf


I’d love to be mad at Warlock damage, but I can’t even log in right now :person_shrugging:

But OP is right - nerf lock

Impish Instincts too


Really? which specs? affy does like 90k if its not being touched but thats spread between 3 players. Demo and im no pro but hghest ive got was like 85k single target after I get everything off and destro idk cause id ont play it.

Everytime i see these threads, i imagine 3 smooth brains hugging the observer and spamming their fastest spammable spell.

WHy Su MooCh DamOugE??


Observers suck as melee, because you can barely hit the thing to save your dumb as rock pugs from nuking themselves

Hopped on my Aff lock in a BG threw all my dots on a warrior and started furiously casting drain soul. He out healed all my damage and killed me ending the fight with full hp


Delete this brotha.

troll hunter indeed

I keep seeing these “nerf x caster” threads but can’t you just kick the spells?

Yeah, you have to be DIRECTLY under it to land attacks regardless of normal melee reach, and I feel like whirlwind isn’t even hitting it.

I get the RP/immersion visual of the observer observing things up there and shooting his laser beams, but extend the damn hitbox to the ground so it’s not awkward trying to find the melee sweet spot in the middle of the burning legion army around it.


Annnnnnnnnnd he posted this on his hunter toon, folks…

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Man I love justifications for stuff like that.

DH only does 90k if you clump, buddy. So clearly it’s fine. Just triangle away, friend.



DH was doing over 100k on a single target last night in solo lol… triangle works when melee can actually die. The way the game is now you could cc a healer for 30 seconds straight and most melee have such insane defensives that they would still be fine during that time.

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Agreed…nerf huntards and delete this kiddy class.

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Okay Dwight

Skill issue

Also a lot of words for warlock apologia where you pretend you need to do 5x everyone else’s damage because you can be kicked or something.


Maybe youre just pressing ur buttons wrong

Idk, one of the other matches I did I was doing like 150k into walking dead so I’m sure it’s up there, I’m just throwing out numbers.

That said, warlocks pretending that they need to do world shattering damage because they sometimes get connected to maybe is a tale as old as time.

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Thats literally how interruptable casters work.

If the damage can be stopped, it needs to shatter your rectum when it does go off otherwise its useless.

If you spent 50% of match being disarmed, youd expect when youre not that youre a world ending monster, otherwise its underpowered.


…I can guarantee it.