Nerf this by 50% Just Means Don't Use That Anymore

Booming voice going from 20 to 10 percent isn’t really what I would personally call “massive” but you do you I guess. Enh shaman nerfs were massive, just 25% across the board to everything. DK nerfs were massive and now they aren’t even really viable compared to the other classes. Compared to that this is almost nothing.

Blizzard has said that tanks are overperforming in PvP and that’s not something they want. I don’t think it’s something the majority of the players want either. Taking booming voice from 20 to 18 percent like you’re suggesting is too little of a change to really make an impact. 10% does make an impact but I don’t believe it kills the spec.

I think tanks should be viable in pvp but I think they should be more in line with DPS specs in terms of damage and survivability. I don’t think they should actually be able to truly tank a ton of damage the way you would in PvE. Might be fun for you but it’s not fun for everyone else. Like, I love fury and ngl, it’s been really fun to just zug zug people, but I also recognize that it really sucks to be on the receiving end of that, and I think the nerfs we got were pretty warranted. Blizzard is looking at the game from a much broader point of view than just trying to personally ruin your idea of fun.

edit to add: with the fury nerfs, I still find the class fun to play because it’s not a change to my actual gameplay. Even if I could never just mindlessly zug zug anyone again I’d still play fury because I love the class fantasy and the play style of the spec.

Is this another “why are they nerfing tanks” thread?.

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Tanks in bgs are overtuned they need more nerfs imo next guard druid plz

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No its a “why are they nerfing tanks in pvp,” thread.

Thank you.

If by fun detected you mean guardian bear pvp and the other imba classes before today, then I think you should stick your head in a bucket of water.

The changes have been wonderful.

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Being constructive can be hard when your thread comes across as whiny.

Maybe not a whole list but some facts in a constructive thread are helpful. Facts with opinions that cover both sides. So something gets a big nerf, now why does that suck and why do you think they believed it was necessary?

The only ability I think you mention is Booming voice. 30 rage, 20% damage, 25% damage reduction for tank every 45 sec, not sure if there is a way to lower that CD I have not messed with a warrior in some time. So if all of that getting nerfed by 50%? Just the damage? maybe the rage? Are they adding to the CD? Are they reducing how long the effect lasts?

If it’s just 50% to the damage then sounds like it’s still a solid talent for a tank.

I mean there is what 30-40 abilities that have been nerfed by 30-60% in the last couple weeks? It just destroy builds and Classes/Specs.

This thread isn’t about what I play as a whole but the plethora of Classes that have been destroyed in builds. It’s a bad game philosophy to have which only leads to unhappy players and unsubbing.

It also makes us skeptical that something fun could be on the chopping block next that will just cause us to leave the game. Very wild nerfs decimating builds during live content isn’t the way, it’s just taking away something that feels good. The option is to find something else to replace it or other games that don’t do this.


I suppose I can look it up, lets see.

  • [With weekly restarts] Demoralizing Shout now reduces damage taken by 20% (was 25%).

  • [With weekly restarts] Booming Voice now increases the damage you deal by 10% in PvP combat (was 20%).

So looks like the only thing getting a 50% nerf is tank damage buff in PvP with the one example you gave.

You made the claim it made it worthless now, sure it does, still get all that rage and most of the damage reduction. That is a perfect nerf given the current tanking issues.

Ok I don’t know why you are focusing on only Tanks or trying to hone on in what you think I only play. This has to do with everyone (Tanks/Dps/Healers) This isn’t a Tank thread it’s a game design thread that is addressing the poor choice of how balance changes are done.

I’d like to focus on that. So when 30-40 abilities are nerfed by 50% effectiveness that means we don’t use that ability anymore. We pick a different one and try to find fun there that the Devs took from us. It’s a vicious cycle.

Well tanks were talking all sorts of crap yesterday about how they were just going to go harder and faster than ever before, maybe more nerfs are needed, for prot warrior especially if they keep leaving the party in the AOE trash obstacle course they left trailing miles behind them

This is why you have 1 of every class, the nerf bat is inevitable, you gotta duck when someone swings it at you silly (switch to the flavor of the month spec toon)

Dude, examples help prove your story. I just disproved it with a quick look. Focus on facts instead of trying to create a narrative on the forums. I’m not hyper focused on just tanks or the class your in. I’m just using the one example you did as a point to start the conversation with.

As you were proven wrong and avoided it, what does that say?

Just a reflection of the fact that they were still early in testing when the game was released. At this point there should be fine tuning happening, not massive or across the board nerfs.

But they know people will pay them to essentially do alpha testing. So here we are, some things so broken we might as well be on the alpha.

what got nerf by 50%?

Thats not true when a spell / ability is too op they have to nerf it to like 50% to balance it out so it does normal damage as intended

How did you just disprove that the plethora of insane 50% nerfs is good? It isn’t good. People reroll talents/build soon as they happen. If it happen again they quit that spec reroll. Then happens again they quit the game. This isn’t healthy. The extreme nerfing philosophy just means don’t use that anymore. It doesn’t bring anything in line.

The Devs can do better and honestly if they want DF to be a success and win back the players that left in SL killing fun instantly at the start isn’t going to do it.

i have this but regardless you will have wasted all that time in that particular class gearing etc
so still a bad feeling


Booming voice went from 20% increased damage to 10% and now apparently the sky is falling or something

lol port warriros were tanking in battle stance. All they got to do is swtich to defense stance and bam no more def nerf to them.