Nerf? Pet Battle versus Draenor Elites

I noticed a pattern; came back to pet battle and the old (very workable) teams and strategies are much less effective. Eg. with Felsworn Sentry Anubisath Idol misses +30%, the Zandalari Anklerender is more squishy, the Pandaren Water Spirit has Whirlpool and Geyser on button #3 (can’t do both) and the Unborn Valkyr is rarely able stay alive long enough to get off both Haunt and Curse of Doom. (at present I don’t have a line-up that can defeat him)
Upshot: I came back to level some new pets, but Draenor elites don’t seem to have decent drops and sometimes require multiple attempts to win.

Try some of the combinations listed here:
https:// com/index.php?m=Tanaan

(remove the spaces)

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Water spirit nerf is intended, they wanted an end to those howl bomb strategies.

If your using sandstorm, rng is rng. Also, anubashi Idol has fallen out of favour these days.

Valk got a nerf too, but it doesnt explain the early death so not to sure whats happening there.

Anklerender also got a nerf but that may have happened before wod. Ikky is his replacement.