Nerf Paladins

Like I said Divine steed. Also Spell power/int gear. Right now Prot/Holy BiS gear is Leather Tier and Cloth. I’d also give them instant heals. Specifically WoG for Prot.

They could also get a rune where Str/Ap converts too Spell power like in Wrath.

This is dumb. If you need a swiftness pot just to move it means you are in a wheel chair.

Haha no. They aren’t anywhere close too OP. B tier at best. I got my pally shelved not worth playing him at this time in this phase. Hope they fix a lot especially for Prot/Holy. Pally still needs a lot of help with gearing/runes.


Pally is definitely A tier at this phase but they are not S tier. This is not retail and the rock paper scissors class balance is more prevalent in classic. There are some classes that pallys will destroy and there are classes that destroy pallies. A nerf to any class atm would be priest as they are S tier atm. However, at this low level I would wait for many nerf


No they did not. Not a single nerf has hit Paladins.

There was a BUG FIX that impacted them, yes. No nerfs.


This wasn’t in their classic kit to begin with.

Just gonna ignore all my other suggestions for movement speed increase? Maybe use Pursuit of Justice?

Sounds like you’re just not very good at PvP with paladin then because it’s pretty well known that 1v1 there’s few classes that will beat a paladin and if you’re any class that needs to be in melee range of a paladin you’re screwed, that’s not normal even if you’re fighting a fully geared warrior/rogue/feral druid/enh shaman. It’s clearly disproportionately in favor of paladins.

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Avenger’s shield dazing was not a bug fix, it was that way in tbc when it was introduced.



It was a bug.


Finally, someone had the courage to say it.

No class should be as overpowered as Paladin. They’re 7th best in damage, 4th best in tanking, dead last in healing, and dead last in mobility. It’s insane what they bring to the table. I see a paladin in my WSG match and think “yep, the Horde is doomed now!”

Flash of Light is so insane it can outheal 100% of Rogue’s offhand weapon damage (if it doesn’t get set back 3 times per cast). I’m so glad Horde doesn’t have Paladins. I shudder to think of the horror of seeing them bubble and use their entire mana bar to heal almost as much as a bandage.

This abomination must be destroyed.


Class design in Vanilla is terrible SOD is here to fix that and give new builds. Paladin needs a movement utility like Divine steed.

Pursuit of justice isn’t good in Vanilla it’s only 8%. It needs to be more. Or stackable with other movement.

If a paladin never gets on a target, can’t heal and is OOM. They aren’t very good. That’s why they need some more utility from other expansions in SOD. They also need to release mail spell power gear.

I actually am but I’m not here for Vanilla gameplay. I’m here for a new version of WoW in SOD where they deliver new builds and take some fun abilities from various expansions.

I’m actually here for Glad Stance warrior from WoD which is coming in a latter phase. Until then I’ll just play something else besides War/Pally cause they aren’t good in this phase.

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no use in using facts here, people just wanna throw tantrums.


And in TBC, the bug was fixed early as well.

They are saying its a bug yes, but the ability itself to begin with always had a daze.

Avenger’s Shield - Spell - WotLK Classic (


See above, was not fixed at all in wrath even. Not to quote an ahole, but the facts don’t care about your feelings.

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It wasn’t considered a mob daze, and you could trinket/shift out of it in wrath. They fixed that very early in original TBC.

Has nothing to do with my feelings, but maybe you should keep your feelings in check when responding to forum threads.

“Hurls a holy shield at the enemy, dealing (440 + 0.07 * Spell power + 0.07 * Attack power) to (536 + 0.07 * Spell power + 0.07 * Attack power) Holy damage, Dazing them and then jumping to additional nearby enemies. Affects 3 total targets. Lasts 10 sec.”

Weird I don’t see anything that says it doesn’t effect players.

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The issue was it couldn’t be shifted by druids or removed by trinkets which is now fixed.

It was a bug and not intended.

Stay mad paladin noobs.


Patch 2.0.10 (2007-03-06): The slowing affect from Avenger’s Shield is now considered a snare, so snare removal and immunity affects will now work on it.


Got an actual link?

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I can’t post links. Look on wowpedia.

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You are right it was fixed as a snare. I will admit I am wrong on this. Thank you.


How about we come to an agreement? You can nerf ret paladins as much as you want. We promise we won’t miss them since 98% of them are mouth breathers.