Nerf marksman

its ridiculous how easy it is for them to just one shot and just melt people in an instant. so lame


It’s also ridiculous how easy it is for them to stay out of “the endgame that matters”. So lame.

I take it you must fallen victim to Cashmeowside/Howbohdat and the famous World’s Fastest Oneshots?


idk about pve, but marks is doing pretty solid all around in pvp atm


agreed i had 76% dmg reduction in full cq gear and was 2 shot while using cookie and drain


5 of the top 20 players in rated shuffle are MM hunters. That’s a gross over representation at the highest level of “endgame that matters”. Stop spreading this lie they aren’t good in rated, their damage is obscene.


The consensus at hand is that solo shuffle is not considered the endgame that matters.

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Not sure what endgame you think matters.

There’s over twenty marksman hunters ranked 2700+ in solo shuffle arena. That’s better than all rogue and mage specs.

And they are doing better than both rogues and mages in regular random battlegrounds.

So please, stop using that as a nonsensical argument for not accepting their impending nerfs in upcoming patch notes

Go google “solo shuffle wow leaderboard” and check the official stats yourself.


Technically all of them, but some matter more than others…

I was saying if you’re not distinguished in M20+, Mythic raiding, and 3’s, you won’t be seriously looked at.

And that’s the problem / Wow devs tune with only pve in mind hence the busted op MM damage in pvp atm.

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sup bro! how’s your grind going?

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Very well. On Retail, most of the 60-69’s I ganked at BFest were successful attempts. I bagged a few mid-50’s(those give honor for 60) and even got one AFK 70. I smoked a 64 Demolock that outgeared me slightly.

Despite the max-levels’ best efforts, and they sure love to gank lowbies. Who knew that Alliance and Horde were of the same hypocrisy? If no one from 55-69 shows up, I get bored and camp-log. But I can be out there 1-2 hours at a time.

On Classic, I should have my next Furious Glad piece in a few days.

MM is kicking it well in WPvP. I’m sure not stacking crit/haste didn’t have anything to do with it as I’m bagging my HKs before I get globaled in the next THREE HOT SECONDS!

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Blizzard developers mains are mm and warriors sadly so they are immune to nerfs.


…by people who care about M20+, Mythic raiding, and 3’s. I wonder what percentage of the player population that is.

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Optimates(they) vs. populares(us)!

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arms high end damage was hitting bigger numbers last season

explain the double tap nerf. both the 50% reduction to the aimed shot AND the complete REMOVAL of the spell. (MM Nerf) lol

I wish. Thered be a class dev and the spec wouldve been reworked already.

Not to mention the high variance issue this patch. [Can he also] Explain how some MMs thought stacking crit/haste was the way to go. That in itself was a nerf in spec design. On-demand damage was always what mattered and that’s what Double Tap was: ODD up to every 1 minute.

The irony that I didn’t use Dub Tap most of the time it was live on Retail, so I wasn’t bothered as much to see it go. Plenty were, here in the forums THIS year. And plenty enough were the same ones that got on my jock for stressing msty/vers to combat the high variance issue.

That’s why Windies had to be guaranteed after every AShot and scale with AShot damage, and why they now(next week) add 1 sec each to the next TShot.

The way I see it, I think we did fine without Double Tap. It makes me wonder who gets it and who doesn’t, and why those who get it seem to get along fine with the spec.

The mere fact that I was able to HOLD MY OWN against some druid last night that had 210k at 70 was impressive. I was even doing better than I expected against a fresh 70 prot paladin too. A 60 twink Marks is able to handle everything up to a somewhat-geared 70. If the spec is THAT strong at THAT level, then I marvel how we don’t see more 70 Markses in full kit…

And I keep coming back to BFest for more. Most of the 70’s I saw in WM do have PvP gear, but they don’t know how to stop a “one-shot”. So sorry-not-sorry I have a hard time sympathizing with the rest of them that want to get a piece of the pie “playing the endgames that matter”.

I think porting out of BFest or logging out because you can’t stand the heat of the kitchen mattered a lot to that poor person.

Is this a troll post? Because since the removal of doubble tap we outright can’t burst kill people of equal item level atall, infact, since the removal of doubble tap our 1 shot potential is LOWER than a mage using Glacial Spike.

Add in our massivle lack of self sustain compared to other classes and that our defencive button can’t be used while stunned (unlike Ice Block, dispersion, pally bubble etc) means ranged burst damage from camo is the ONLY thing we have going for us atall in pvp.

That might be all YOU have going for you in PVP, but that is not reality. Marks had insane damage all of 10.1.7 and the tier set is going to make it even more busted in 10.2. If you play marks and didn’t break 2k last season you gotta be clicking your abilities or have a mental handicap.