Neretzek, The Blood Drinker spell power scaling

Here’s the thing:

Yes, it shows sp scaling. Clearly this existed in Vanilla at some point.

Did it exist in 1.12? 1.12 dropped in August. This video was made in August. Is this pre or post patch?

If Google is correct, 1.12 dropped on the 22nd of August. So, it’s post patch. What we need is evidence of scaling after that point.

Believe you me, I’d love nothing more than for this weapon to scale. But, I don’t think we’re going to get that even if there is evidence of it.

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Yes, Wraithsycthe and Shadowstrike and every other lifesteal weapon scales.


Yo Aggrend, could you check this one out on the reference client?


As does Hakkari Manslayer and Skullflame shield. It is odd that this doesnt work and clearly does in the video.
The only explanation is a hotfix at some point in Vanilla that we are unaware of.
Damn dude got a Shard of the Fallen Star crit too. I think thats the 840 damage.
Which I guess is confirmation that Shard of the Fallen Star didnt scale with SP in Vanilla, not that that was in question at all.


BLIZZARD. Stop screwing ret paladins and fix your stuff!. Please remain consistent with your siphon procs ffs!


Hey Blizz, Might as well add this to the upcoming patch for “clearly incorrect behavior” if you havent already.


lmao they won’t

Well not with that attitude they wont!

If only that mattered :confused:

I’ll say this, though. If this were fixed, it would meaningfully impact my enjoyment of the game. I’d be thrilled. It’s not going to happen.


Can we get a bump to keep this going, i have a spellpower paladin now for reckoning SoR with the Ancient Hakkari Manslayer, Neretzek and Corrupted ashbringer are my future dreams now but finding out they wont steal as much life as my crap 1 handed axe is super dissapointing and makes me want to start a petition to fix this. May we get a blue response please?


I used to have hope but then they left the Consecration thread up unanswered since November so either they don’t care because it doesn’t affect warriors or they are so understaffed that they only have the manpower to make sure warriors are taken care of.

I don’t think Blizzard is able to allocate the staff to deal with things like this, one can pray though I guess. The video obviously shows a proc, anyone who says otherwise has no idea what they’re talking about lol


Yeah I’d love it if this weapon had SP scaling but it doesn’t. Just tried it out hoping it would and despite having 285 SP the proc is unaffected.

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The question isn’t whether it, at one point, scaled. The question is whether it scaled in 1.12. is this a bug considering all other lifesteal weapons do scale, or not?

Are all the other lifestealing weapons bugs? I think we’re more likely to see them lose their coefficient than this weapon gain it back.

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You have no problem delaying Shadowlands to make it a better game, PLEASE fix things in classic too!


In a way I agree with you, but according to their recent stance on the Shaman changes and honestly probably other things that have been fixed or changed in the past I think the standard of 1.12 is no longer really the bar Blizzard seems to be using for what will get changed and what doesn’t.

Classic is probably too far done for any of this to matter anymore but if the plan truly is TBC I hope Blizzard takes that as an opportunity to build a much stronger team capable of giving the project the love it deserves.


Just got this weapon after a great raid with my team, Given that all other spellpower weapons scale 1:1 with spellpower and that wowhead stated that Neretzek scaled as well, I was super excited to try out a spellpower build. Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that my shiny new epic item was the only lifesteal proc on a weapon that didn’t scale with spellpower.

Blizzard, please fix this. Vendorstrike works for crying out loud, make the rewards from raid content in classic matter.


Blizzard please make this fix. The PTR notes show fixes to hunters and totems that didnt exist in Vanilla. This weapon was clearly intended to scale with the exact same wording as all the other weapons that do. Look at the DPS on it, for crying out loud its from AQ40 and given the DPS the proc is clearly meant to make that up.


@bluepost are you kidding do you not see everyone wants this fixed. I literally have been tirelessly gearing out my paladin in pure spellpower gear so by the time corrupted ashbringer is released i can finally have fun pvping on a paladin for once with reckoning and some 600+ lifesteals. I have ticketed and sent multiple bug reports about neretzek not working and that ashbringer is showing the same results in the database. How can you let the most iconic weapon in classic be broken. Why are we all paying monthly for something you dont care to fix!? Apparently you can patch an item in 1 minute like baron rivendares sword but not ashbringer!? Get real and do your job please.


This is not a bug. I’ve just updated our “Not a Bug” list with the following:

  • Neretzek, The Blood Drinker’s proc effect does not scale with Spell Damage.