Nerd Zhul disbelief

Played classic to WotLK. Quit WotLK. Came back BFA.

This was a proud server. Lost Anarchy, Blue Moon, Timeless Requiem. RANG RANG LAIO. The AQ40 event was actually epic. LA was like 9th in the world in Naxx and their videos were top notch.

Right now, Forseti, Turbo Cyborg Ninjas, and Local Defense are the only active Alliance Ner’zhul guilds. They aren’t pushing into mythic at all…as a PUG I was able to 3/9 M BoD, which ties even the best horde guild.

I would transfer, but I don’t care enough about this game anymore to pay the money. All my memories are here, and the four people that remember me REMEMBER me, so I guess I’m never leaving. I enjoy diddling around on this easy easy game too much.

I posted this to let anyone who might visit this url that there is one person still playing on Nerd Zhul who knows its history.

You are correct. However, its up to the people on the server to make it a great place to game… so try that.

yeah same here, sad to see this server pretty much dead =\

Art of War says hi (we were 6/9 M BoD, though IIRC our legacy players are from Frostmane). But yes, we miss our competition. Most of them moved to Proudmoore.

I’ve been chilling with my frost guildies! Super rare for me to run into other ner’zhul players but the cross server makes up for it

anyone from nerzhul (ner’zhul) original vanilla wow playing classic? if so what server? Alfuris, Erna I remember you!

I came back to the server and rolled warrior for 8.3 after playing legion on my home server (PM-horde). I was in LD in WoD so I came back to LD. We have players that are more than ready to push to the next level. And I know I personally wont stop working to be a mythic warrior. Now does that mean I have to wait to CR it. No! I lead by example. I show improvent where I lacked. I share what ive learned from researching how to be better and where to find it themselves. And I never stop speaking up. We may be late to the party but once we get there we gonna dance with ya.

It’s funny, coming across this post! Good ol’ Nerd-zhul!

I was curious if anything still existed about 2005 + guilds, I was in Blue Moon (Katrixa hunter / Intoxikating priest). My older brother Gharrac also played (warrior). Currently playing classic wow, and the pvp experience is NOTHING like actual vanilla, and the scaling and optimization make it practically a different game now than in 2004+! ).

The community aspect in my opinion, is what really draws you in to this game. A lot of old time players come and go, I feel, the ones on my friendslist from many years ago only log in for constant let downs. Things are too easy, achievements don’t feel good to complete, and the lack of needing someone for their farming and yours combined to get you places financially online are practically nonexistent etc Evidentally lacking communication between players, unless you’re in a guild, but you can basically be a one-person-show on retail. You only need yourself for anything other than raiding new high end content.… I honestly didn’t think about it too much, until noticing the difference, and I didn’t think I would drop BFA so suddenly in 2019, having had been a part of a heroic/mythic raiding on Area52 when classic dropped in 2019. It still is crazy to be in 2020, and playing a lot more of classic wow, than BFA (minus the prep now for Shadowlands!)… A great way to quarantine (lol).

That being said, I ended up transferring all of my characters either off of Ner’zhul, or turned them into Horde, due to the lack of community and player base left on the server. As the others have stated, it really is the people you play with on each server which create the dynamics- opposing factions included. Sadly, another reason why I think Ner’zhul kind of flopped after being one of the greatest servers out of the gates was their time zone change from PST to EST, ( I wasn’t playing since before Pandaria when they did that?, and was pretty upset when I started WOW up again at the end of WOD 2 weeks right before Legion’s launch. I had even submitted a ticket explaining how I wouldn’t be able to raid anymore, or find a guild, but the Gamemaster was unsympathetic. Thus, I had to pay to swap toons off of said Ner’zhul. )---- And thus, the servers eventually merging, friends lists, guild links and what not, I dont think are a “bad thing”, but however, dont give servers any real tangible player base as people are often phased in and out, you never really know who youre playing with, and community is essentially lost. Funny thing about PVP on this “classic 2020 servers”, are that there was no rivalry between horde and alliance as thrilling as 2005, it was completely missed, due to BG queue’s opening up too quickly, and no 8 hour AV’s, ahh the nostalgia!

I really hope some of the aspects are brought back in Shadowlands, but I guess we’ll see. Anyhow, Kuddos :slight_smile:

hello people.

Horde side there is always something going on. And anytime I am attacked by alliance one simple shout out in general chat and my fellow horde come running to help, its great.

I wasn’t on Ner’zhul in BC, but I was in Wrath and have been here, off and on, since then. I made friends from other servers and have recently pumped up my own guild. Managed to get some of my Vitality/Lemmings folks, Last Word, Illusion, New Design… I still poke them occasionally. The game is a little more different, but the community is still there, you might just have to gather all of them yourself to get what you want, vs expecting to fall into it. I constantly see people in both with war mode on or off. Especially now with the server merges going on. I hope you find what you are looking for!

Just lol if you still play this game.

The forums didn’t do anything wrong…

Ner’zhul was my starter server back in Vanilla. Was in a few guilds, but the one I had fond memories was Liquor Store Mafia. Crazy MF’ers. I had a Tauren warrior (Galatin) there. But I’ve server transfer and name changed so many times and years ago. So many stories, so much drama, and the RL experiences with people that I met up with…unforgettable. Ner’zhul will always hold a special place in my heart. Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease, Ner’zhul.

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