Neltharus Chargath

Boss was bugged and was basically unkillable in our 16. Through the pulls he either didnt spawn any spears and would do his enrage phase anyways and kill us all or when we DID get spears, the boss would break the chains but would be permanently stuck in his enrage mode until we wiped.

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Can confirm this happening. Possible cause.

Logs from a 17 it happened on both pulls.

He hits 100 energy and doesnt cast the spears, just straight into the firey focus. You can clearly see 5 events over 2 fights of firey focus but only 3 events of spears over the same fights.

Both times I’ve seen it happen, I’ve either been on my Bm Hunter, or grouped with a Demo lock.

We had the same issue in our 17.

We found out its when you Feign / Shadow Meld a mechanic it pushes back the mechanic further in the queue which stops the Spears from spawning.

After we just face tanked the mechanic it was fine.

I just ran an 18 Neltharus and the chains never spawned, at which point he enraged and wiped the group. Then our two PuGs left the group, ruining our key.

still broken

This boss needs fixing ASAP. or better yet just a reworked. Nothing worse then bricking a key due to a poorly designed boss that if someone dies its a wipe or just doesnt cast the abilities its ment too. Very poor form.

I’m sure they’ll fix it after season 2 ends and the dungeon isn’t in the pool.

I fixed it for you :slight_smile: