<Nefarious> - OCEs #1 PvP Community

Hey everyone!

I’m the GM and Founder of , Oceanics largest active PvP community. You can find us cross-faction on both Barthilas and Frostmourne.

Some quick notes about us:

  • Formed in 2019 to build a community for RBGs
  • 7 Rated Battleground Teams running bi-weekly
  • Both Horde & Alliance Guilds (1000+ active members)
  • Fun Casual/Alt RBGs on free nights
  • Active Discord full of friendly players
  • Weekend Events (Duel Tourney’s, Raffles, Tmog Comps, Wargames, Races, City Raids, etc)
  • Active Moderation promoting a non-toxic environment
  • Website & Merch store

We are striving to become one the greatest PvP communities in the world and are actively looking for players to join us in obtaining our goal. Anyone is welcome whether you’re casual, competitive, or somewhere in between.

If this peaked your interest then come join our Discord or visit our website for more info (pm for links). Guild membership is not required so come hang out!

Btag: Nardrosis#1680



+1 best guild

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Also +1 best guild

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They’re ok for a group of monkeys, i guess…

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I guess I am the Banana King :monkey:

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To remind all you fire mages we don’t need any of you 'cos I’m literally the best and you can all suck it ok bye thanks for coming xx

P.S. - Also boomy’s are bad k bye again x

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Do you guys do any PVE content, specifically M+? Or do you view it as “PVE filth” like some PVPers do? Do you have an open mind about just casually running them with guildies? My primary interest is PVP, but also like the idea of chilling with guildies and doing the occasional dungeon.

We do joke and poke people that get PvE achieves in gchat, and there’s a “no PvE allowed” meme, but even I personally do a lot of it myself with cosmetic & mount farming. There are people that do M+ & Raiding in the guild, but its definitely a minority amongst our community. We only officially focus on PvP so no there’s no guild sponsored PvE beyond our occasional events (eg tmog comps), however if theres enough interest I’m happy to get behind it :slight_smile:

A bit of an old thread but I am looking for a Horde guild for pvp. I am just curious if at Barthilas that 95% of the players are horde, can you actually find epic BGs, or any BG at all against Alliance? I cannot see Barthilas connected to any other server so I am curious how this works in a server so dominated by one faction. Thanks.

All of OCE are connected (frostmourne alliance say hi!), and worst-case will link to the whole of NA for the purpose of searching for BGs etc.

Even if barthilas queues were only to itself, you can also use mercenary mode to queue as if you were an alliance player (or vice versa, depending on which faction has “worse” times)

If you’re still after a PVP guild, hit up anyone online - we’re on both Barthilas and Frostmourne (and therefore their connected realms)