<Needs More Mastery> [H] (10/11H) Recruiting!

(Needs More Mastery) [11/11N 10/11H] is now recruiting to bolster our roster! We are an AOTC guild with the possibility of Mythic in the future. Currently looking for strong ranged DPS, primarily Balance Druid and Mage, as well as a Death Knight, but any strong and skilled players will always be considered.

Outside of raid, we would also love to have any players who are interested in Mythic+ - all roles will be welcome here, including casual players who may want to try more difficult content!

Current Open Roles:


  • (Any strong range DPS will be considered!)


  • (Any strong melee DPS will be considered!)

Our raid times are:
Wednesday and Thursday: 8:30PM - 11:30PM server time (EST).

Alt-raid (Optional & Normal)
Sat 8:00PM-11:00PM server time (EST)

Outside of content droughts, we have people on throughout the day doing keys and other activities, and a handful of people who are always looking to do high keys. Please feel free to add and contact us with the tags below if you are interested, we will be happy to answer any questions and provide you information! (Currently rebuilding!)

Please add:

Come join us for 9.2!

Looking for range and heals for 9.2!

hey resto druid here i tried to add you but it says i have a pending invite my username is Abt100Ninjas#1940
i was 4 bosses deep on mythic Castle before life made me put wow on a backburner for a little while but im looking to come back during 9.2 if i can find a guild that fits me

Hey there, I donÔÇÖt have a request from you. I went ahead and sent you one if youÔÇÖre still interested in talking!

Anyone whos playing or is interested in returning send us a msg. Lets talk :slight_smile:

Do range players still exist? Q_Q

LetÔÇÖs talk c:

i have a bm hunter 244 ilvl atoc achieved and love doing keys

i might not be able to make it until 9 on wednesdays but should be ok for thursdays unless work gets in the way

chris982247#1811 is my btag vasilly#9316 is my discord

sent you a discord request!

Still in need of DPS!

My beautiful meleeee, where are you? Come join us!

Patch drops tomorrow! LetÔÇÖs talk :slight_smile:

We ready?! :3

Good afternoon Dino! I am a frost dk looking for a raid group this tier! I added you on Bnet yesterday but it wouldnÔÇÖt let me message you for some reason. I removed and added you back! Look forward to talking to you!

Yup! Sent you a msg :slight_smile:

Looking for more DPS!

Where is all the range hiding ;c LetÔÇÖs plaaay

Looking for more range dps! Pst!

hiiii lets gooooo c: