Needing to claim GM for guild to start raiding

Hi there I’m the only active officer for the Barthilas guild Controlled Kaos at the moment. Our guild leader hasn’t logged on for over four months and we’re wanting to start recruiting so that we can raid as a guild and start progressing towards Mythic raiding.

I’ve reached out to her on our Discord server and she hasn’t replied. To be fair a lot of players were burnt out from the last two expansions and simply didn’t return for Dragon Flight. So here I am seeing if I can get some traction on the forums.

There is no option in the guild info menu for me to be able to claim GM role even though our GM has been away for over four months. The criteria for claiming it is 90 days absence on the leaders part.

She has multiple alts and I’m wondering if that’s why I’m not able to claim it. Any help would be much appreciated as we’re keen (those of us that are active) to start recruiting and raid as a guild again. Loving this expansion.

Thank you

Is Bert on horde?

after 30 days it can be claimed.
it follows ranks,
30 days adscence - 2nd Highest rank can Claim
30 days after that - if no officer claims, or is ACTIVE, the 3rd highest rank can Claim.

then i think it stops, it also requires an Authenticator to claim it.

outside of that you can Ticket a GM.