Need SHFT Focus Macro for Warlock cc

Hey guys I’ve been exploring with macros a ton today and Ive been trying to find a macro but it seems like its not out there or it doesen’t exist
I use modifiers for my CC in arena but out in the world and in rbgs id like to use SHFT for my focus cc as well (SHIFT is binded to my arena1). Is there a way it can override in the same keybind as my focus cc without affecting my arena1 CC in an arena match? Hope this makes sense!

It’s hard to give you something exact without seeing the macro you are using now, but it should be possible. Something along these lines:

/cast [@arena1,harm,nodead,mod:shift][@focus, harm, nodead,mod:shift][] CC Spell

The way that written, it will use the CC on your arena1 target as long as they are alive and you are holding shift. If they are dead (or if they don’t exist, as in outside of arenas) it will cast it on your focus if they are alive and hostile if you are holding shift. Otherwise, it will cast the spell as if you cast it directly from the spell book.


Thank you ill give it a try and see!

Another way you can do it, to prevent fallback to your focus if arena1 dies, is:

/cast [mod:shift,@arena1,exists] [mod:shift,@focus,harm,nodead] [] CC Spell

So if arena1 is present mod:shift will only cast @arena1 and will not fall back to @focus. If you don’t hold shift then it’ll cast @target.

If @aren1 doesn’t exist then it’ll mod:shift @focus with target fallback.

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Giving it a try now it sounds convincing and should work!