Need help with "tracking" quests

So I am doing Shadowlands right now… Night Fae quest line… and every time I turn in a quest and get a new one, it just goes into my journal but doesn’t post on my on screen quests for tracking. So I have to open journal, right click and TRACK every time… its quite tedious after awhile. How do I get every one to auto Track from my SL quests?

Try these:

  1. Just in case, set Trivial Quests on. Top right, there is a bar above your minimap with the name of your current location. On the left of that, click to get a menu of options. Make sure that “Trivial Quests” is ticked.


  1. Use the command

/console autoQuestWatch 1

in your chat box. You may have to reload to get it to take effect, and it will not make existing quests appear, but it should make new ones show.

You are amazing. Thank you. To turn it off later do I set to “0”?

Yes, set it to 0 of you want it off again