Need help with disc

Rerolled disc cuz fotm but dam I do not see the appeal yet.

Healing rotation seems very easy. It’s the damaging part that is tricky.

My issue is that the second my teammate gets low I cannot top them at all. And so then I am stuck trying to catch up the whole game. Is this because I need to start the match way more aggressive to stay ahead?
Seems like you need to pump damage early to keep your teammate topped with atonement or you will fall behind.

As of now I feel like I am using all my penances to heal instead of dam. And no free globals to purge wicked enemy.
Any tips for new disc?

Playing mindbender build fyi and using it on CD along with mindblast into penance into death

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That’s part of the problem, right there.

The bender tree just doesn’t put out enough damage. Your strongest damaging abilities will be Penance and Purge the Wicked, so talent for those. Smite still sucks, so don’t waste your talent points unless its combined with Penance.

The tier set is (at best) ‘meh’ (I think its awful: buffing Smite which is already pathetically weak makes for a poor band-aid); you can talent for all the Smite-improving abilities + have the tier set bonus and still get crappy damage from it.

Sounds like you need to Smite less and PTW more; the latter does a boatload of damage (giving your Atonements more sustain), is instant (giving you mobility), and has some nice talent rows. Catharsis is pure evil too. :smiling_imp:

Since you said that you were ‘FOTM’-ing Disc, be patient; this isn’t the greatest iteration of the spec. Give it a couple of patches/expacs and Schism along with double Mind Blast (or something else like it) will make its return.

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I strongly disagree with you on waiting a couple patches. Disc is the 2nd highest reputation spec last i check. Overall the only class above it dh.


RSS, 2v2s, or 3v3s?

You can be aggressive in 3v3s or RSS with damage but you’re going to be using your penance a lot more to heal than do dam in this high damage mele meta. We’re in constant damage mode where it never ends, as opposed to setup meta where your atonement would handle the majority of the match until it came to burst windows.

I don’t go mindbender build in RSS or 3v3, only 2v2.

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Playing alot of 2s mostly.

What do you guys do when you get trained? Feel like that is the fastest way I fall behind

Didn’t say that the spec it was bad; said Smite and bender just isn’t enough. Also said that 2x Mind Blasts will be back along with Schism in a few seasons.

Try reading next time?

I’ve been pretty successful with it. Use penance to snipe kills and SW:D kill targets when low. Aside from that focus on healing and cycling CD’s. Try not to fall behind with doing damage

exactly this in 2s. i went away from bender build in 2s bc you have to be insane to make it work past 1600. so if you’re not hemmis just go a shield / big pennance build and get those purge the wicked out there. always my first global after shield / renew to get shield back faster

I’m a noob but heres what I do.

Dot everyone keep up 100%, this buffs flash heal.

Never penance to heal, Radiance before penancing to both get the penance buff and make sure your team has atonement

Shield Shield Shield Shield, press rapture very early in the game because it generally will come back up. Renew gives atonement and lowers cd on Shield.

Lob Barrier in opener especially 4 melee cos they’ll all be on top of each other just chilling.

Ultimate Penitence will top your team if you really need and are out of cds.

Have a bunch of help/harm buttons so I don’t have to have 500 keybinds.

Super helpful. I’ll try the heealing build. Also had no idea purge wicked buffed flash. ?? Or that radiance buffed penance.

Idk how you’re getting away with not penancing to heal. In this extremely high damage meta atonement doesn’t feel like it does enough at all to keep up.

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Roll a druid or a monk its 10x easier… Heals for 500 times more. Disc is for us that enjoy beating ourselves.

Just do 2s with a DH. Easy 2400.


No Gladiator or rank 1 title. Pointless.

Ok then Disc/DH/DH :slight_smile:

Or Disc/DH/DK and Disc/DH/Boomy. These are great comps.

Disc is the new rdruid of healing cept you don’t have npcs healing for you

disc is not the best healer, its just nearly always been one of the most popular regardless of how good it is because its fun.

its not even the best healer now, monk and rdruid smash it with almost no contest.

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Monks and rdruids don’t get nearly as many kills however.