Need help idk where to go

Hey everyone I’m looking to transfer my hardcore toon to era , yeah I died at 47 and suck lmao.

I have no idea what server to go to.
And I don’t wanna end up on the wrong faction server. Can anybody give me info on any of this. Would be great :slight_smile:

Also is the open world alive outside of 60 ?

Any info would be great thanks :slight_smile:

What are the transfer options? I just death equals delete, died twice mid 30’s, so you’re already doing better than me.

From that list of clusters, the pve east (Mankrik + 4 realms) and pvp west (Whitemane + 9 realms) still receive free transfers from other classic era locations. So, as long as those are open (they’ve been left open for over a year now), you could potentially try somewhere else first and then eventually free xfer over to one of those places if it doesn’t work out.

mankrik. its got 3 or 4 servers bundled, so always nice pop, good ah.

Lots of guilds? Lots of raiding going on? Horde or alli dominated ?

alliance, seems like lots of guilds and raids.

Do you know the highest population server all together my main goal is to raid and dabble into some pvp I think .

Whitemane but only if you don’t mind wpvp.


mankrik is pve, so only pvp is gonna be bgs or one on one.

I am on Westfall…bundled with Mankrik. I play Alliance, and there are quite a few people in that grouping.